BT Carpal Support (Firm to Full Support With Removable Splints)

BT Carpal Support (Firm to Full Support With Removable Splints)
BT Carpal Support (Firm to Full Support With Removable Splints)
BT Carpal Support (Firm to Full Support With Removable Splints)
This carpal support is used for conditions such as arthritis, protection for cuts or injuries to the dog's lower leg, lower leg pain & lameness, or difficulty walking. This brace is great for dogs that show limping after exercise, cases of chronic arthritis or ligament injuries. This brace can also be used for post operative support and protection. This brace can be used with or without the removable splints, for the options of firm to full support.

If you need a more supportive splint that covers post operative support for fractures and breaks please look at the Front Leg Splint.

Please use the sizing guide below to accurately measure your dog.

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  • The carpal brace is used for conditions involving lesions to the carpus, leading to pain, lameness, or difficulty in moving
  • Provides great protection for bandages and plasters when treating surgical wounds (arthrodesis) or licking sores
  • It also gives great results in pre-operative care: acute or chronic arthritis (osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and similar conditions) and injuries to the ligaments are no longer a problem.
  • Arthritis / Arthrosis
Once the brace has been placed around the dog’s leg, it is not necessary that the two white-trimmed edges meet, since the closure of the brace is by means of the blue straps and stabilisation is provided by the splints on the back of the brace.


  • The brace can be used in pre- and post-surgery
  • Breathable fabric
  • Excellent wearability
  • Hand washable
  • Promotes improved balance between the muscle groups in the carpal area
  • Provides maximum stability of the carpal area and reduces swelling
  • Removable rigid splints - can be added when the dog is exercising and removed for use around the home

To measure your dog, please measure around the carpal joint (A) and check the height of the brace (B) covers the affected area.

This brace is highly adjustable for the diameter measurement, so the minimum and maximum measurement is given below.

Size Circumference (A) Height (B)
XS 2.5-3.25" / 6.4-8.25cm 2.75" / 6.9cm
S 3-4.5" / 7.6-11.4cm 3.5" / 8.9cm
M 4-7" / 10.1-17.8cm 4.75" / 12cm
L 4.5-8.5" / 11.4-21.6cm 5.25" / 13.36cm
XL 5.25-10.5" / 13.3-26.7cm 6.5" / 16.5cm

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