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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Support RX -Total Body Support System- From TopDog Health

Support Rx Total body Harness System for your dog. For safe control after surgery Great for arthritic pets Comfortable and easily adjustable. This is the answer to an all in one support harness for your dog. Designed by canine rehabilitation experts specifically for post-op patient control, and as an assistive device for older arthritic dogs.

Support Rx -Total Body Support System

Also converts to a walking harness and a car seat harness!

Prior to the SupportRx Total Body Harness System, veterinary hospitals used towels and belly slings to help disabled pets manoeuver. Now the majority of American hospitals use and recommend the SupportRx Total Body Harness System to provide support to these pets. Constructed with 600 denier nylon with a fleece lining for maximum comfort, the SupportRx Total Body Harness System is providing the control veterinarians.

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