TP Tarso Flex X Wrap (Firm Support)

TP Tarso Flex X Wrap (Firm Support)

The Tarso-Flex-X dog leg support is a thick neoprene tarsal wrap, that provides versatile support for condition such as such as Achilles tendon injuries, MCL injuries, tarsal luxation, hyperextension, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and post- 

Easily washable, it can be trimmed to shorten and narrowed for a customised fit. It has a velcro closure.

The Tarso-Flex X Wrap is made of washable, easy-to-care-for materials that dry quickly.

  • Flexible, light support/protection for the back leg/ankle
  • Ideal for achillies tendon injuries, MCL injuries, tarsal luxation & hyperextension

  • Flexible enough to use during high activity (agility, hunting, etc.)

  • Protects against re-injury

If you require a stronger hock support, please see the Balto Hock Stability Brace.

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