Feline Shampoo Bar

Feline Shampoo Bar

Organic, gentle and effective for the sensitive skin of cats and kittens.

Dermagic Rosemary Organic Shampoo Bar for Felines is gentle, deep cleansing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Our special feline formula helps reduce flakiness and regenerate healthy, soft skin and fur.

Rosemary essential oils have been used for years to help improve blood circulation, moisturize hair and skin, and prevent hair loss. 

All of Dermagic’s feline products are naturally non-toxic, biodegradable, free from artificial dyes or fragrances, and pH-balanced for a cat’s special needs.

When you have a wriggly cat in the sink, one hand does double duty with a shampoo bar! Our bars lather beautifully with no sulphates, rinse easily and cleanly, they’re portable meaning no more spills and they smell wonderful.

To use: just wet your cat and lather up, and rinse immediately. Do not leave your cat standing with suds on him.And please don't bathe your cat too often! We recommend bathing no more than once a month.

Safe for cats and kittens, and great for dogs too. For longest bar life, store exposed to air.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut,* Olive,* Castor,* Sunflower,* Jojoba,* and Rice Bran Oils; Cocoa Butter; Rosemary Essential Oil. (*Organic ingredients)

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View Dermagic shampoo bars contain no preservatives, nor sulfates, nor harsh chemicals, providing effective cleaning for your dog with no chemicals. 

There are 3 bars available, all made with natural essential oils: Chamomile & Sage gives a fresh scent, Rosemary & Lavender is calming and destressing and Peppermint & Tea tree oil is a deep cleansing shampoo. 

All of our shampoo bars are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, reduces skin flakiness and promotes a healthy and skiny coat. Rosemary & Lavender is specially designed to promotes burn and wound healing and also repels insects. Chamomile & Sage and Peppermint & Tea-Tree rapidly calm itching and allergy reactions as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

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