Beautiful Joe's Dog Treats

Beautiful Joe's Dog Treats
Beautiful Joe's Dog Treats
Beautiful Joe's Dog Treats

Beautiful Joe’s ‘Perfectly Behaved’ Liver Treats are hand-made from British (you can tell this because they always stand up when the National Anthem is played), free range, ox liver and dogs go crazy for them. Nothing is added – all we do is slowly dry the liver to lock in the flavour.

Every time you buy a packet of our delicious, mouthwatering treats we give the same quantity away to a rescue home nominated by our customers.

Each bag contains 50g of treats. We also have Beautiful Joe's Treat tins available, which holds 30g.


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So far Beautiful Joe's has donated treats to over 70 rescue centres nominated by our customers. Most rescue homes can’t afford to buy any treats for the dogs they look after, let alone air-dried, pure liver treats. The free treats we give them are mostly used to train rescue dogs so that it is easier for them to find new, forever homes.

Ingredients: Pure air dried liver - Nothing else!

Treat tins - This snazzy, yellow, pocket-sized Beautiful Joe’s treat tin is the ideal way to store and carry our delicious, mouthwatering treats. It also makes a perfect training aid. One little shake (enough for the treats inside to rattle) is generally all it takes to create an instant desire in all canines present to do thy bidding. They measure 9.5 x 6 x 2cm and will easily slip into a trouser or shirt pocket. Each tin comfortably holds around 30g of our treats.

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