Soothing Paw Wax

Soothing Paw Wax
Soothing Paw Wax is a protective dog wax, useful all year round for sealing out grit, salt, ice and snow as well as sand and chemical irritants such as pesticides.  It helps protect against paw cracking, itching and dry and sore paws and helps to keep them in good condition.  It is also helpful in preventing dogs slipping on laminate and tiled floors.  Soothing Paw Wax contains a blend of essential oils and is designed to soothe both physically and emotionally.  

60 ml tin.
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Soothing Paw Wax helps your dog's paws to stay in top condition over the winter. Don't let your dog walk on ice, snow, stinging salt and grit without putting the wax over their feet first as protection - the ice and snow won't gather on their feet so much and the oils contained inside the wax will help keep their paws in shape.  It is also very useful during the summer months as it provides a barrier against sand, salty sea water and chemical irritants such as fertiliser and pesticides.

Also helps stop dogs slipping on laminate and tile flooring. 

Soothing Paw Wax contains a blend of essential oils designed to soothe physically and emotionally. 

100% natural ingredients and cruelty free.

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Even though the ingredients are 100% Natural there is still a small chance that a very small number of pets may react to certain oils or waxes. For this reason we recommend that all products are patch tested on a small observable area of skin 24 hours prior to full use. This will allow you to see if there is any redness, swelling or irritation in the patch test area before continuing full use of the product. By using our products you are accepting responsibility for any adverse reaction that may occur, however rare.

Not for use on pregnant or nursing dogs.  Products containing essential oils are never for use on cats.  Only ever use this as directed - keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

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