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Strong harness & Wears well (13/06/2019)
I have used one of these for around 4 months now, and its been a really good help for us out on walks and getting in and out the car. I was struggling before and life is easier! Its a good quality product and easy to clean which always helps with dogs :0) Pam

Pamela - UK
No more back pain! (08/03/2017)
I purchased this item to help my 13.5 year old dalmatian who struggles with mobility and was finding it harder and harder to get up from lying down. I was helping him up by trying to lift him but I suffered from back pain as a result. This really upset me because I wondered how I could continue caring for him if I couldn't help lift him. Since purchasing this item, the back pain is pretty much cured! Great item. Happy dog and happy owner. Worth every penny !

Kirsty - Worcestershire
Perfect for recovering dog (02/03/2017)
Such a great product to help your dog get up and about after surgery. We went from cage rest, where Kim could wear this while in the cage and we could easily and quickly lift her out if needed. When she was back on her feet we continued to use it for walking to take the weight off her back legs. Took a little getting used to but don't know how we would have managed without it.

Mary Slater Jones - Uk
Great Product (27/01/2017)
I don't know what we'd have done without this since my dog went off her front legs. We've been able to get her out for walks because the harness let's you fully support the front or back legs (or both). With this harness on my dog is enjoying walking so much that it's a struggle to stop her from overdoing it while we try to build her strength back up in her legs. She was unable to support herself when she went to the toilet but we're able to hold her weight now she's in the harness.
I highly recommend this product, when the vets visited I showed it to them and they commented on the good quality of it.

Karolyn - West Midlands
Brilliant (18/12/2016)
My lab has arthritis and a degenerative neurological condition affecting his back legs. This harness is a life saver. Helps him when walking on steps. could not be without it. Highly recommend

Jeanette - UK
Godsend! (05/10/2016)
Our dog was a collie cross. A small dog, very lively until the last year of her life. She was 14 when she became very disabled. She had a degenerative condition of the spine. The Complete Rx harness made the last few months of our dog's life very comfortable and manageable. It really was a godsend. It was easy to put on and provided support in the right places, helping us to assist her from a lying position. It kept her mobile This company's products are great from my own experience.

Pan - via Twitter - UK
Better than expected (28/09/2016)
I thought that it wouldd be difficult to put on and my dog would be too heavy for me to lift, but I'm really glad this proved me wrong. It's quick and easy and it gives my old boy the dignity and freedom he deserves in his retirement home. I'm able to take him outside now and he loves it. Thank you Zoomadog!

Janice - Aberdeenshire
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