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Brilliant (03/09/2018)
This product is brilliant and in 1 month has allowed us to decrease NSAIDs to a tiny dose for our 15 year old Border Collie. Hoping to stop NSAIDs altogether very soon.

Jay - UK
Really reccomend winstons. (22/11/2017)
Recently my 10yr old Doberman started suffering with hip displasia, he was struggling to walk and in pain, my vet give him some treatments that did not work and made him ill, anyway been on winstons for 1 month now an definitely seen results, dosent seem to be in pain an wants to play a lot more like he used to, and that was just giving him the dosage of a small dog !! Highly recommended.

Carole - United Kingdom
Fantastic (03/03/2017)
We just wanted to let you know how fantastic Winston’s Joint Formula worked for our little dog. At six months old, we were told by our vet that Blanche would never live a normal life because of severe hip dysplasia which was advanced beyond her young age. We were absolutely devastated because she could barely walk and could not walk up the stairs. With this bad news from the vet, we had no idea what to do.

A good friend told us about your product and we immediately gave it a try. Following your directions for dosage, we put Blanche on the formula. The results were amazing. Within three days she showed signs of improvement such as reduced pain and some greater flexibility. By the one week point, our little dog was running, jumping and literally flying off the sofa. She was in essence, fully back to normal and has remained as such since March of 1996.

What more can I say? Your product really works!! Please feel free to offer my words of support to anyone who is considering using your formula for their dog.

J. R. Miles - UK
Good results (27/09/2016)
Our dog Zanes’ hocks are very bad which I first noticed when he turned six months of age. His rear legs were so close together that he looked as if he had only one rear leg.

I started using Winston’s Formula when he turned 7 months old and after only 5 days, he began walking more normally, and after 2 months he was a completely new dog. I now give him the formula twice a day which he will stay on for the rest of his life.

Ernest - Germany
Better than expensive vet medication (27/09/2016)
Thank you for bringing Winston's Joint Formula to the world! Our six year old Maltese, Mindy, was diagnosed with dysplastic hips last year. She was in pain, lethargic, and constantly held her right leg in the air. We wanted an alternative to surgery and anaesthesia; we also wanted something natural, and not animal tested. We decided your product was worth a try, and within three weeks, she was walking normally again. She's happy and she can run and play again. Thanks ever so much.

P.S. We originally were going to try "cosequin" at our vets recommendation, after reading their pamplet, I threw the bottle away.

Diane - UK
Fantastic product (27/09/2016)
I have tried other supplements, but so far had little results. I have used Winstons Joint System for six months now and my dog Lucy shows marked improvement with her mobility! Thanks for your help with picking the right products.

Jo - Isle of Man
Great Results ()
I bought this after a friend suggested trying it. I think it's a fantastic product to use short or long term, as my dog Jasper seemed to show a great improvement with his back leg weakness in a short time. It is a more expensive product than some, but even short term seems to show good results.

Ian Mcleod - UK
Very effective! ()
Great product

ChrisOsbourne - N Ireland
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