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Excellent (22/08/2018)
First off this stuff does work. I haven't used it consistently like I should have but I've already seen hair growth on my Husky. This is the only cream I have found that has actually show any results - Costs more but worth every penny.

Michael Formes - Uk
lotion (20/02/2018)
Our jack Russell had spots that came up and burst, she also had hair loss. We took her to the vets got special shampoo which helped at first but then the spots came back. I browsed the net and purchased a few different products that did not work. I then came across your products and purchased the anti lick collar and skin lotion, I've been using it for a couple of weeks on my jack and the results are great, her skin is now near perfect and her hair is growing back so I'm about to buy some more. Great product and so glad I came across your site many thanks jule

julie - england
Dermagic Review (15/06/2017)
I just wanted to leave a review about your products. I purchased the dermagic soap bar and rescue lotion back in December. My Pomeranian had gradually lost her hair and the vets had no idea why. We tried everything, including another product called stinky stuff (which really did stink)
I was recommended your products on a pom site and was a little hesitant due to the amount of money I had already spent. However I did notice small differences at first. Her black skin became flaky and revealed a pink healthy skin underneath which allowed hair to grow. I still bath her using the soap bar however her hair is so long I cannot apply the rescue lotion anymore!
I can't believe the difference. I've been able to book her back into the dog groomers now! Thank you so much!

Sophie - UK
Dermagic skin rescue lotion (01/06/2017)
I've got a French bulldog pup about 5 months old he's got obove his right eye thinning hair and from doing some research on google think its puppy mange so i buy this product and it clears it up many thanks have a good day

Nigel - Great Britain
Excellent (27/09/2016)
excellent product - our dog has very bad black skin disease and is so doing well after 5 have to be patient but it pays off, he had it very bad skin. will keep up the treatments. looking very good so far!

Claire H - uk
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