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Hock brace (06/10/2017)
Our 8 year old dislocated her hock and damaged her ligaments 8 weeks ago, the vets put her in a huge plaster/dressing for 6 weeks and were constantly pushing me to refer her for an operation. I was undecided what to do and just kept going and hope and prayed she wouldnt need the opp. I really wanted a doggie type of splint to mainly protect the hock when walking out as the vets said the joint will always be weak now. This is perfect, the support itself is soft and padded, nice wrap around velcro which I cant see looking too dirty, nice touch too to have the splints removeable so I can pop it in the machine. With the splints in im confident her hock is fully supported and tbh cant wait to start walking with her again, I cant see her twisting her hock with the brace on, cant see it dislocating again....and im sure my dog knows it too, she seems more confident. Thanks guys, yes its pricey but considering the cost of an operation? You get what you pay for and this is just perfect, looks the part too, Im considering buying another for the other leg even though that is good, it will be compensating for the other one

Julie - Wiltshire
Hock Brace Review (21/02/2017)
We were really concerned when Suzie (our rescue Border Collie ) suffered a severe injury to her hack leg about five weeks ago. As she is about thirteen years old, our vet suggested we go for a hock support rather then consider an operation which may or not be successful. We looked on line and thought the Zoomadog support was exactly what the vet had recommended in that it included splints to provide added support. From the first time we put it on, Suzie seemed to realise that she can now go on her lovely walks in the fields or surrounding lanes as before. As I write this, she is out with her ‘dogriend’ Stanley having a wonderful time exploring the countryside.
We have enjoyed many holidays with Suzie since she came to us eight years ago and much of our time away is spent walking. We really thought this had come to an end but now we can plan our next visits to Cornwall and Norfolk . We shall of course, have to be mindful that she will need more frequent breaks but are confident we will be able to enjoy our times together again.

The support is easy to put on and has at no time given her any discomfort, She has never tried to bite it or pull it off.

Thank you so much.

Richard - Somersert
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