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Works well for dislocation (20/02/2017)
I bought get this brace after my collie had a bad dislocation in the right leg. It worked really well and helped prevent the hip coming out again. He even swam in it!

Sarah French - Uk
A new lease on life! (27/09/2016)
I just wanted to provide you with some info regarding Abby since she started to wear the ortho brace! She now walks with more confidence, and while she hates the sound of the Velcro (just her personal quirk) she seems to be walking without stumbling as she has more support! I bought a size L which is a bit large for her, since I did not take into account that her hip area has wasted quite a bit due to the arthritis and the hip dysplasia which she has! She weighs 35 kgs! The brace is easy to put on, and she stands still now that she knows that wearing her brace means we are going out for a walk so she now associates the brace with fun times and cannot wait to run for her lead as soon as she has her brace on! We live here in Germany and last week our local vet saw Abby while wearing her brace and she was impressed and has in fact asked for your website details as she thought that the brace was a wonderful idea as she has not seen anything like that here in Germany!! Thank you to you and your company for giving Abby a new lease on life!!

Gayle - Germany
Dog Brace ()
I have been using this brace for a week now, so far so good.. it gives my dog more stability so will keep you posted on his recovery.

Michelle Roux - London
Hip Brace (10/06/2011)
Our dog, a 12 year-old Golden Retriever has severe hip dysplasia and can no longer walk very far. We feel he is too old for surgery, so looked for something to help support him and improve his activity. We are really happy with the Orthodog hip brace, as although he has difficulty getting up, he has more confidence walking again.

Karen Foster - UK

karen - UK
Good product ()
My dog found it unusual when first fitted - but now knows it means a longer walk with the ball! Thanks zoomadog.

Rosemary Stewart - Devon
Great product ()
This was a real help in getting my dog back walking after a dislocation.

Margot - UK
Fantastic ()
This brace has helped my dogs recovery, and I use it everytime we go to the beach for support. Brilliant, thanks.

Robert - Isle of Man
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