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Abby Loving Life with her New Dog Hip Brace

Abby Loving Life with her New Dog Hip Brace

Abby is a gorgeous rescue dog from Cape town. Abby has always had bad hips, but her mom tried out the Orthodog Dog Hip Brace with great results.. See the fab photos of her modelling the product below.


Here is a few words from Abbys Mom Gayle

Finally I had some time to go out and photograph Abby with her hip brace!
This was actually the first time in a few months now that she enjoyed walking around, off lead, in a farmers field, as I stopped her doing that before she got the brace as she was simply stumbling too much!
While she does not run anymore, she was also definitely not stumbling, or dragging her right back leg, and so it may be that once or twice a week, she is now allowed to enjoy trotting about off lead in a farmer's field again!
Abby , by the way, is a dog who I bought on the streets of Cape Town as a 4 week old puppy being sold by a street kid!
According to our vet, she has the €œcrappiest hips that she has ever seen!
Abby will be 12 in October, and she is looking forward to many more years of trotting about wearing her hip brace!! J
Kind regards
Gayle (Abby's mom!!)

We all think Abby looks great, and Gayle should take up professional photography with shots like these
You can see more information about our Dog Hip Brace and our many other dog rehabilitation products by visiting our shop


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