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Pug Dog Wheelchair UK - Walkin Wheels

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A Pug Dog Wheelchair is excellent for helping your pug walk again. Your pug may have developed Pug Myelopathy (PM), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) or got weak rear legs, back or hips. Your pug might have started to drag their back legs or lose balance. Keep your pug moving by taking the weight off their back legs with a set of wheels. Soon your pug will be able to go on walks and get around the house once again. These wheels are used by many pugs all over the UK. We often featured on the Facebook Group Wheelie Pugs. 

  • Excellent for pugs with PM, DM and back / leg / hip weakness
  • Kit: Frame, wheels, harness, leg rings, stirrups and belly belt
  • Top tip: Join the Facebook group Wheelie Pugs
  • 5 Year Warranty

Review: "We purchased a Walkin Wheels wheelchair due to Pug Myelopathy. Seeing Molly standing upright was priceless and we are convinced her daily sessions in her wheelchair is making her fitter and stronger." [Ken]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Story of Molly, the pug

Story of Molly, the pug

"We purchased a Walkin Wheels wheelchair for Molly who had lost the use of her rear legs due to Pug Myelopathy.

Taking care to set up her wheelchair for balance and comfort was easy due to the many adjustment points and straps available and we were off and running very quickly.

Seeing Molly standing upright was priceless and we are convinced her daily sessions in her wheelchair are making her fitter and stronger thus potentially extending her life with better mobility.

A word of advice is to remember that if your dog has been immobile for a while then their front legs will be weak and you need to introduce your wheelchair slowly with just a few minutes a couple of times a day and then increase the daily sessions whilst your pup gains strength over time."

Have you heard about Pug Myelopathy?

Have you heard about Pug Myelopathy?

Pug Myelopathy, once a rare condition, is becoming increasingly common. It is predominantly seen in Pugs but can also affect other breeds, and is still not fully understood. Pug Myelopathy is the progressive but non-painful paralysis of a dog’s hind limbs. Pug Myelopathy should NOT be confused with degenerative myelopathy, these two very similar sounding conditions, are not the same.

Read about pug myelopathy

Common Questions & Answers about Wheels for Pugs

Information on wheels
When you order a set of wheels they will come in a kit with an instruction booklet on how to put them together. The harness attaches to the frame, put the harness on your pug and they will be ready to pull the wheels.

The kit includes:
The frame, wheels x 2 (foam 8"), harness, leg rings, stirrups and belly belt

What extras do people buy with their pug wheels?
Front Vest - This is very popular as an extra. The vest helps displace the wheel's weight making pulling the wheelchair more comfortable than the thinner harness which comes with the wheels. The vest is made of durable neoprene. Pull the vest over your dog's head and secure it together with touch-fastener closures. There is a D-Ring on the back of the vest so you can attach a lead-in or out of the wheelchair.

Belly Support - this sits under your dog and evenly distributes their weight and removes pressure points. This makes the wheels more comfortable

What do you need to get the right wheel size?
All pugs use the Small Walkin Wheels size. Pugs wear different size vests depending on their chest size

Will my dog need boots if they drag their paws?
In the kit you will get stirrups, if you want to protect their nails or paws you can use the stirrups to hold their paws up off the ground. If you want to let your dog use their back feet to move along, we recommend putting boots on them. We sell Walker Active Boots which are a good choice.

What happens to the fitness of your pug?
In the first few days, keep a good eye on your pug. This is probably the most amount of exercise they've done in a while! Take it easy and give them a break from the wheels when you see them getting tired. Overall you will find your pug gets a lot more exercise and will be fitter than below.

Can I leave the wheels on all day?
Yes you can leave the wheels on all day. Most people find their dog really enjoys running around. Your pug can wear the wheels inside, outside and all-day.

Can I return the wheels if they don't fit my dog or if my dog doesn't like them?
Yes absolutely, we have a 14 day returns policy. We also have a wheelchair expert who looks over each order before they are sent out to ensure your dog has the perfect wheel size for them.

What is the delivery time?
2 – 3 days in the UK. We can ship internationally (anywhere).

How to Measure the Pug Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

Step 1: Back leg
Measure from where the thigh meets the body, down to the toe. Do not extend your dogs leg

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dog's back

After you order we will email to get your measurements

Extra Options for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Add a Belly Support - this offers mid-point support to evenly distribute weight and remove pressure points. This makes make the straps more comfortable

Walkin' Rear lift Harness - great for large heavier dogs. You put the harness on beforehand, then you can simple lift and clip your dog into the wheelchair

Walkin' Front Vest (only small wehelechairs) - a more comfortable option to the kit wheelchair harness

Walker Active Rear Boots - add boots to your dog so they get all the grip possible

Boots for Dragging Paws - put boots on your dogs' back paws to protect them from scraps and bruises

Amputee Cover - to support the dog with a smooth amputation, removing pressure points and adding comfort

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Emma Graham
Amazing Product

Love the Wheelchair it has given my old dog another lease of life she loves it and took to it so well. a bit expensive but worth every penny to see my dog move around safely, had a few tweeks needed but zoomadog customer service was extremley helpful. fantastic company would definetly reccommend.

Brenda Taylor
Freedom again

Still at the adjustment stage to get it just right for him just small tweaks and he will be away in his glory again

David C.
Absolutely Fantastic

This is a very well made product. On the 2nd run my German Shepherd had really taken to it and loves walking now. It gives her so much freedom and the exercise is essential to build her mussels up. I would recommend this 100%. Well done 👌👍

Wendy Little

Very good, instructions could be easier, but our dog took to it straight away

darren finch

This is exactly what we needed to help mini she had Crdm and though her back legs are going we use half the walk without the chair and the remainder with its sturdy light weight and good quality . She apprehensive abounding it but once she’s stepped in away she goes