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Dermagic - Treatment for Dog Black Skin Disease, Alopecia X, Allergies, Flaky Itchy Skin

Dermagic is a fantastic natural skincare solution for dogs who need help with itchy skin, skin allergies, black skin disease, fleas, hair loss, mange, hot spots, dandruff or seborrhea, cuts and sores. Dermagic helps restore and repair dog due to an overproduction of yeast. We recommend you start with the four step process to make the full recovery. First is to start using the Liquid Dermagic Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by Skin Rescue Lotion, then Hot Spot Salve and Cell Restoration Crème. Since Dermagic is a natural liquid so it takes time to make a full recovery, but be patient. It's worth it!

Some Q&As from Zoomadog customers:

Q: Hello, are you able to advise if you feel the Dermagic products would help my son’s dog? These patches started over 4 months ago, initially with one tiny patch, 2 vet visits later they think ‘it’s possibly alopecia’. He doesn't seem to be itchy or try to scratch them, he now has 4-5 patches across his back. His fur is still soft to the touch. Having read a lot about these products the reviews indicate they would hugely help alopecia?

A: Dermagic is very good for the bald patches that you describe. Because it uses natural ingredients it is not an overnight cure, it also takes a certain amount of commitment, but we've had really fantastic feedback from customers who have used it. We would suggest the Dermagic System Offer which has a 4-step system to treat skin conditions such as alopecia.

Q: Hi, I ordered the whole package of Dermagic but was wondering in what order do all the creams go on?

A: So, it is recommended that you use in this order:
1) Shampoo and condition (rinse: never let your dog stand with the suds on him)
2) Apply the Rescue Lotion - for itchiness, black skin disease, alopecia, massage into the affected area twice a day (you can cover with a t-shirt to ensure that the lotion doesn't get rubbed off)
3) Apply Hot Spot Salve - where there are hot spots, minor wounds, insect bites, localised allergic reactions, itchy inflamed areas - twice a day until symptoms disappear
4) Cell restoration cream - when the skin heals and fur starts to grow back, massage in restoration cream as needed to soften and protect new skin. Also good for cracked paw pads in summer or chapped noses in winter

Q: Hi, I was just wondering what the difference is between the Dermagic Lotion and the Hot Spot Lotion?

A: The Dermagic Skin Rescue Lotion is to treat skin irritations in the longer term - used once or twice a day over the long term.

The Hot Spot Lotion is a salve, rather than a lotion, so thicker and is used for treating bites, cuts, irritations - again can be used once or twice a day as needed, but is not a long-term treatment per se.

Q: Hello, can you tell me please how long I need to leave the shampoo and conditioner on my dogs’ coat please? Also, how often should I keep going once it is all resolved?

A: For the shampoo bar, the instructions are to wet your dog, lather up and rinse off immediately. The conditioner instructions are, to apply to your dog's coat, massage into the coat and then rinse immediately. The guidance for once your dog has a healthy coat once more is to wash/condition your dog's coat only twice a month.

Q: Hello, our dog recently had to be shaved for a procedure but has developed black skin disease/alopecia, are we still able to use the Dermagic or should we wait for the hair to grow back a bit?

A: Yes, you can use the products even though your dog has been shaved. In fact, the advice is: If surgical shaving is necessary for any reason, for any breed of dog or cat, we recommend applying the lotion to the shaved area daily for a few days afterward to prevent fungal infection and possible permanent hair loss.

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