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Next Day Delivery £15 Avaliable // 14 Day Return Policy
Next Day Delivery £15 Avaliable

Best Dog Boots, Socks and Paw Knuckling

We have a wide range of dog boots, dog socks and paw knuckling for dogs who drag their back legs. The best way to understand which boot is right for your dog, ask if you need these dog boots or dog socks indoors or outdoors. Are they temporary or for long term use? Do you need a thinner dog sock or a more protective dog boot? Do you need added grip to help your dog from slipping on wooden floors, tiles or polished floors. If you have a greyhound or whippet you will probably be interested in the Hunnyboots range, these are specifically designed for the narrow feet of greyhounds with added fleece inside for their sensitive thin skin.

It is advised not to leave your dog alone with the product on, in case they remove by biting or scratching.

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