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Best Greyhound Boots & Socks

If you have a greyhound you will know their feet don't fit into normal dog boots, luckily for you we have a range of greyhound boots and greyhound socks you can choose from. The Hunnyboot brand is one of the most popular for greyhounds, these boots and socks are designed for the narrow shape of greyhounds feet and therefore fit perfectly. Hunnyboots have broadly three types of shoe - the standard Hunnyboots are the original and are very popular for the summer, Hunnyboots Splish Splash are great for winter as they are completely waterproof and finally Hunnyboot Slippers have military grade rubber soles so your hound doesn't slip on indoor floor.
Katie, wearing Splish Splash

Katie, wearing Splish Splash

Splish Splash boots will help your dog tackle all terrains in all conditions while offering them extra injury support! These are excellent boots for greyhounds walking outdoors - warm, cosy and sturdy. These come in washable black which is easy to look after.

Splish Splash boots
Bingo, wearing his Hunnyboots

Bingo, wearing his Hunnyboots

The best greyhound and whippets boots on the market worldwide! Hunnyboots are especially designed for the slim greyhounds and whippet paws, they are excellent for dogs who need help recovering from corns or extra protection from broken toes, injuries, sensitive paws etc.

hunnyboots here
Scarlet, wearing her Slippers

Scarlet, wearing her Slippers

Hunnyboots Greyhound Slippers are excellent for stopping greyhounds and whippets slipping indoors. These greyhound slippers have a large rubber base for grip. They are especially designed for greyhounds narrow and slender paw shape so they won’t slip off.

Hunnyboots slippers here
Ebony, wearing Therapaw boots

Ebony, wearing Therapaw boots

The Therapaw Protective Dog Boot is our most popular boot providing extra protection on the sole helping dogs who have painful paw issues. This Therapaw Protective Dog Boot has an ultra-cushioned interior pad that alleviates pain, reduces lameness and promotes more even weight distribution.

Therapaw boots here
Jay, toe amputation

Jay, toe amputation

"Jay is a 7 year old greyhound, he has had problems with interdigital cysts on his right fore paw for the past couple of years and finally got his third digit amputated this March. Hunnyboots have allowed him to still get out on his adventures and walk pain free. People often stop to admire the shoes and we always highly recommend them to fellow Greyhound and Whippet owners. They are easy to fit and stay on provided they are tight enough. Best shoes we have had and Jay loves them."

Jay Wears Hunnyboots

Zoomadog Customers: Questions & Answers

"My greyhound limps on hard services after chipping a bone at the bottom of her foot. What would you recommend?"

It sounds like your greyhound needs as much comfort and padding in their boot as possible, we would recommend looking at the Therapaw boot which have medical-grade thickness in the sole. Find Therapaw boots here.

"My greyhound Nettle has just had surgery on his huge corn and he is still quite lame. We walk on uneven gravel and pavements. What greyhound boots would you recommend my dog"

We would recommend Nettle starts with the original Hunnyboots as these are light so Nettle will adapt quickly. They have a good thick rubber sole so you greyhound will find them good protection and comfortable on pavements and on uneven ground. They are easy to wash and dry as they are made from the same material as human trainers.

"My whippet was hobbling with his corn and I was keen to help him. I had previously bought a Therapaws boot before I found your site. It did the trick but unfortunately was only on the once and came off and was lost on the first wearing! I have to say that the Hunnyboots are a very much better fit and he’s walking without a limp which is nothing short of magic!"

This is great to hear, and we're glad you're getting on well with the Hunnyboots.

Feedback on a greyhound wearing Traction socks:

"We’ve tried several different types of socks and boots for our greyhound and this is by far the best. He suffers with corns and requires extra padding under his paws. I ordered XL size which allows me to add extra padding inside. He tolerates it well and it stays on!"

"Wilson my greyhound has lupoid onychodystrophy. What would you recommend?"

For Wilson, it would be good to start using Hunnyboots. They will give him great protection against any further injury to his nails and paws, which lupiod onychodystrophy does.

"My energetic large whippet with a persistent rear corn needs boots. What can you recommend for my whippet?"

It sounds like your whippet needs protection for the long term so it would be best to look at Hunnyboots as these can be worn daily, while out on walks, or in the house. Whippets mostly fit in a Medium. The Velcro straps and YKK zip mean they fit snug and well, so when your whippet runs around they won't fall off.

"My lurcher, so a greyhound cross, weighing about 32kg. He has recently been diagnosed with corns which are making his walks a bit miserable for him. I hope you can help. What would you recommend"

Lurchers fit into Hunnyboots as they have the same 'hare' shape paw. This is a narrow and long paw. We would recommend looking at the X Large size.

"I was wondering if we could have some advice on a pair of shoes for our 5-year-old greyhound? We were advised after a recent vet's visit that our dog has the beginnings of a corn and to prevent surgery should wear shoes."

Thanks for the email and yes Hunnyboots are the best. I would recommend you stick to the ‘original’ Hunnyboots, I find our customers have a much better time. They are lighter and more comfortable. For sizing, you need to measure from the longest toe nail to the back of the last pad. Large and X Large are the most popular sizes for greyhounds. Feel free to send over your measurements and I can always double check.

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