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Dachshund Dog Wheelchair UK

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Say hello to the Dachshund Dog Wheelchair! This revolutionary dog wheelchair provides your Dachshund with the mobility they need to make every day a breeze. Whether your daxie has IVDD, had an operation, spinal back weakness or any other condition which is stopping them exercise to the best of their ability, a set of wheels can get them back on the road in no time. Most dachshunds go in a Mini or Small dog wheelchair, weigh your dog to know which size is best. They are very easy to put together. Get ready to roll in style. 

  • Excellent for Dachshunds with IVDD or back weakness
  • Delivery 2 working days (order before 3pm)
  • Kit: Frame, wheels, harness, leg rings, stirrups, belly belt
  • 5 Year Warranty

🚚 £15 Delivery 2 - 3 working days 🌎 Worldwide shipping

Review: "Life changer! 👍 She's back to her crazy self, a new lease of life for Bella, highly recommended !! (MINIATURE Dachshund with IVDD) Excellent service from Zoomadog, they know their stuff" [Mr & Mrs Leahy]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Story of Bella, the Dachshund

Story of Bella, the Dachshund

"Bella is 4, she is suffering from IVDD we opted for Conservative Management instead of surgery.

She lost use of back legs and control of toilet but she has now regained partial feeling after 2 months and is using the Wheelchair confidently after a week or so of getting use to around the house" Peter Leahy

How to Measure the Dachshund Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure the Dachshund Wheelchair

How to Measure the Dachshund Wheelchair

Step 1: FOF
Do not extend your dog's leg, measure from the toe to the belly

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dog's back

Common Questions

When is your dog ready for a wheelchair?

It is so important your dog has two good front legs for wheels to keep your dog walking independently as long as possible and with the option of having the legs down but supported, you can keep your dogs muscles working even if for short periods to prevent further muscle wasting. With the Walkin' wheels dog wheelchair you can give your dog the exercise it needs to live a happy, healthy, active life. We find dogs adjust so easily to using these wheelchairs, they are off exploring in no time.

Can my dog go to the toilet when they're in their wheelchair?

When the wheelchair is fully set up and the dog is used to walking in it, the dog will learn to toilet naturally standing up. The most important thing you can do it to reassure them that it's okay the first time that they toilet in the wheelchair so that it's a positive experience for them. Please see the video below of a dog toileting in the wheelchair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Maxine Schofield
Not for archie

Although well made and a good idea my dog Archie refuses to use it. Having tried everything we could possibly try we are reluctantly returning it

Maxine Schofield

Not tried it properly yet but it’s sturdy and well made. Watch this post for update with Archie boy


Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair

eric finch
Collie and walker

Found it hard to put together no cd enclosed. 14 year old collie wasn't keen put more pressure on front legs.
Will keep trying as it's early days yet.

Samantha Price

Kenneth has had his first day out in his wheels today and he loved them ❤️ he was off as soon as he had them on,I know not all dogs will get used to them that quick but when they do wow new lease of life ..... not gonna lie I cried when he zoomed off 😭