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Walkin Wheels Quad Dog Wheelchair (blue)

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£414.00 - £785.00
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The Walkin' Wheels Quad Dog Wheelchair is excellent for dogs who are older, had a serious accident/injury or have an amputation. The wheelchair comes with four wheels and runs easily on roads, footpaths and grass. If your dog has back, hip and leg problems, hip dysplasia, arthritis or degenerative myelopathy this quad wheelchair will offer support underneath the belly so your dog doesn't have to carry as much weight. This means your dog can still exercise and use their muscles without getting as tired.

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Key Benefits:

  • Excellent for dogs with weak hind legs, back and hip weakness, or injury
  • Match your rear wheel size with the same front attachment
  • 4 wheels and easy to assemble

Review: "Baxter's wheels arrived safely and he's getting used to them, even running down his favourite hill." [Mary, Reading]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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How to Measure Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

Step 1: FOF
Do not extend your dog's leg, measure from the toe to the belly

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dog's back

Extra Options for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Add a Belly Support - this offers mid-point support to evenly distribute weight and remove pressure points. This makes make the straps more comfortable

Walkin' Rear lift Harness - great for large heavier dogs. You put the harness on beforehand, then you can simple lift and clip your dog into the wheelchair

Air Tyres for Medium or Large Wheelchairs - great for off-roading and rural countryside paths (or the beach). When wheelchairs get heavier, this can give dogs more grip

Walkin' Front Vest (only small wehelechairs) - a more comfortable option to the kit wheelchair harness

Walker Active Rear Boots - add boots to your dog so they get all the grip possible

Boots for Dragging Paws - put boots on your dogs' back paws to protect them from scraps and bruises

Amputee Cover - to support the dog with a smooth amputation, removing pressure points and adding comfort

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tania Levenfiche
Shocking company and service

Shocking service
Missing a vital part waited 2 weeks in which time my dog passed away - was 2 days outside of return date and they won’t take it back

S Ford

We have only just started to us this quad wheelchair. Our elderly abused rescue dog has suddenly gone off her legs the end of March over night. When we put her into the wheelchair she is able to walk independently without putting too much pressure to her hips. This has made her tail wag again. She’s able to do her normal body functions while in the harnesses.
We are still adapting it each time we use it, as we have only had it couple of days. Even in that time it had made a great difference. She took to walking within minutes. Thank you

Anya Connolly
Quad wheelchair is great

I got this wheelchair for my dog as he had FHO surgery on his leg and he keeps knuckling so I was recommended it to get his legs to move better, he also has elbow dysplasia which is a front leg weakness so we needed something that helps his front end too.
I’m hoping with a bit of training he will get used to it eventually