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Washable & Waterproof Dog Incontinence Mat - Help In The House (Dark Blue) x 2

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Protect your floors, sofas or bed with Dog Incontinence Pads (two mats in the box). These reusable waterproof pads are excellent if your dog is elderly or can’t make it to the garden in time. These incontinence pads have a waterproof backing to keep your furniture, carpets, and beds clean and work for both urinary and faecal incontinence. It’s easy to pop them into the washing machine and tumble dry them on a low heat. Once used, remove any faeces, pick them up by the four corners and put them in the washing machine. They’re twice as absorbent as normal pads. These pads are made from recycled waste polyester and are more ecologically friendly than disposable incontinence pads.

  • 90cm x 80cm in size
  • 2 mats in the box
  • Made from recycled waste polyester
  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe on low heat
  • Protect sofas, carpets, dog beds, even your own bed!
  • Wash one pad instead of multiple furnishings and bedding
  • Twice as absorbent than standard disposable pads
  • Waterproof backing prevents overnight accidents staining

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Review: "Bonnie dog, a 14 year old collie/lurcher cross has slept on our bed from puppydom. Following a suspected mini stroke some weeks back, she has occasional incontinence. These pads really work. No more stripping the bed. Bonnie was a bit dubious initially but now accepts the pads." [Julie] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Can these be machine washed and tumble dried?
Yes - these pads are machine washable up to 90 degrees (40 degrees recommended) and tumble dry safe on low heat. They also hang dry very quickly (energy saving option!)

How often do the pads need to be washed?

This does depend on the frequency of use and how much wee is passed. For small volumes, the pad can be washed every 2 or 3 days, but for larger volumes daily washing may be needed.

Can these be used for faecal incontinence?
Yes - they will protect surfaces from poop as well, but due to the nature of poop being solid, it will remain on the surface (rather than being absorbed). We recommend removing the bulk of poop with cloth before placing in the washing machine. These pads can also be coupled with our washable nappies for added protection in the case of faecal incontinence!

Do they stay leakproof after multiple washes?
Absolutely! One of the key benefits of our pads is that they are incredibly durable and waterproof, thanks to the bottom layer which is made of PU (polyurethane).

Do they keep the odour in?
Yes - we’ve found many people report that they rarely smell and washing them effectively removes odours.

How many times can a pad be used?
One reusable incontinence pad can be used and washed up to 300 times. Of course this depends on the nature of use and care.

How big are the pads?
Pads are 90cm by 80cm in size.

Can they be vacuumed?
Yes - these pads are thick and heavier than disposables, allowing you to easily run a vacuum over them if need.

How To Use. Incredibly easy to use:
Simply place down over any surface that needs protecting: carpets, floors, sofas, beds, etc.
Try to keep the pad as flat as possible to avoid urine pooling in any one area.
Once used and ready for a wash, pick up all 4 sides at once and simply place in the washing machine!
Tumble dry or hang dry and reuse.

One pad to protect them all!

  • Simplified Cleaning. Remove the stress and hassle of cleaning multiple furnishings.
  • Worry less about urine stains and spend more time cuddling your dog!
  • A quick, elegant solution for the eco-conscious pet owner... and an investment! Machine washable and tumble dry safe.
  • These extra large pads can be re-used up to 300 times, making them up to 80% cheaper per use than disposable alternatives.
  • Bring back the ease and joy of owning your elderly dog
  • Protect any surface - sofas, carpets, dog beds, even your own bed!
  • Convenience - wash one pad instead of multiple furnishings and bedding
  • Superior protection - three times larger and twice as absorbent than standard disposable pads, allowing you to protect larger surfaces for longer
  • Waterproof backing - prevents overnight accidents staining your home
  • Easily machine washable and tumble dry safe on low heat
  • For our planet: each pad is made of approx. 60% recycled polyester and saves 300 disposable pads from landfill

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