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10% Off for Vets, Physios and Hydros. Email Us

Dog Wheelchair Supports, Accessories and Harnesses

It's a big decision to buy your dog a wheelchair and there are some extra wheelchair supports and harnesses to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Add a Belly Support

The Belly Support also prevents swaying of the body in a more active dog. The Belly Support acts like a pillow underneath your dog, the belly support distributes your dogs' weight more evenly which is a good option for dogs with back, spinal or disc issues.

Add Belly Support

Front Warrior Harness

The Walkin Front Warrior Harness is excellent if your dog needs maximum comfort and stability when they're using their wheelchair instead of the neoprene harness which Walkin Wheel kits come with. Put the harness over your dogs head and clip the wheelchair sidebars into the harness.

front warrior harness

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