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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Dog Paw Knuckling

Paw Knuckling or Paw Dragging is a condition when your dog's paw curls over and stays in this fixed position (more commonly a back paw). This can mean your dog damages their paws and damage their nails, including bleeding and scraping. If you want to protect their paws from bleeding Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot are best, these boots have extra thick protection both sides of the boot, your dog can use this indoors or for small walks outdoors. The Walkin' Training Socks are particularly suitable for younger dogs, this training sock can really help pick up their back legs again and build up their muscle. We also offer a foot brace, the Bootie Splint, which can hold your dogs' paw horizontal and provides support underneath the paw. This Bootie splint can be worn indoors or outdoors for a walk.