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Best Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces

Dog Knuckling or Paw Dragging is a condition when your dogs paw curls over instead of walking flat on the pad. Your dogs nails get shorter and their paw skin often bleeds. It is a good idea to protect the paws.
Kelly, moderate dog knuckling

Kelly, moderate dog knuckling

Kelly has one front paw knuckling. To support the paw and keep it flat, you can use a Bootie Splint which has a flat base for the paw to sit in. Your dog can wear the splint inside or outside the house, it has a rubber sole for grip and traction.

Bootie Splint
Roxanne, moderate paw knuckling

Roxanne, moderate paw knuckling

Roxanne is a German Shepherd, after an accident she damaged nerves in her back and leg, showing signs of knuckling. Today she uses a Maximus PawsUp brace for her back right paw to keep the paw flat and her muscles strengthening.

Maximus PawsUp
Treacle, severe paw knuckling

Treacle, severe paw knuckling

Treacle has severe paw knuckling, her two back paw stays in a fixed curled position. Her paw knuckling will not get better so she uses a dog wheelchair to get around and a pair of skates which keep her paw and leg muscles moving and strong. Together, these two keep her active and mobile.

Maximus Skates
Shell, mild paw knuckling

Shell, mild paw knuckling

Shell has mild knuckling in one front paw, here she wears a WagWear Breathable boot to keep her nails and paw skin protected while out on walks. A protective boot is excellent at reducing the chance of infection from an open wound due to grazing.

WagWear Protective boots
Hattie, mild paw knuckling

Hattie, mild paw knuckling

Hattie is a 12yr Kelpie with mild paw knuckling in both back paws. She uses the Walkabout boots which have extra thick rubber on both sides of the boot lid to protect the skin and nails from damage while knuckling These knuckling boots can be worn inside or outside the house.


Zoomadog Customer Questions & Answers:

"I have a pug who is beginning to show signs of Pug Myelopathy causing her back paws to drag and knuckle. I am looking for protection as well as stability / nonslip. What would you recommend?"

For your pug, as their feet are relatively small compared to other breeds we would recommend the WagWear Breathable boots as they are light but still completely made of rubber so they have grip and offer excellent protection because they are rubber.

"My bulldog has one front paw which is showing signs of knuckling. What brace should I get him?"

We have a few different options for your dog to protect their paws:

1. The WagWear Wellies are rubber boots for dogs and are excellent to protect the top of their paw, skin and nails. The rubber material means that they are resilient and allows the dog to grip on normal or smooth surfaces.

2. An alternative option is the Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot. This boot has an extra sole on the top of the boot to help protect against scrapes to the top of your dog's paw and his nails. The boot also has a velcro strap to help keep it on.

"Our beloved staffie who sadly had a spinal stroke between C6-C7 at only four years old is unable to pick up her front right foot correctly and so is now constantly toe knuckling and damaging her skin. I have the Carpo Flex wrap, and the wag wellies, which have been very effective at protecting her from causing more damage, but they aren’t helping her alignment or stopping the toe knuckling which is slowly damaging her carpus joint."

The Maximus PawsUp Brace is a top-quality dog knuckling brace which specifically helps with alignment to stop toe knuckling and is exceptionally well made. The base of the foot part is designed to withstand everyday wear on different terrains. It won't be completely waterproof, like the rubber WagWear Wellies but it is washable.

"Cara is a 14 year old German Shepherd who weighs 35kgs. She regularly sees the vet and has rear knuckling linked to the typical GSD weak hips / neuropathy and some osteoarthritis. What would you recommend?"

Cara would be best to use a pair of Maximus PawsUp Brace for her rear knuckling. As she is heavier than most dogs, it is important that you find a brace which gets her legs aligned underneath her. You might also want to consider a dog wheelchair.

"Mac is an 11 year old Border Terrier. One year ago he suffered a prolapsed intervertebral disc (IVDD) resulting in a partial paralysis of his back legs and double incontinence. Over the last year, his condition has improved. He can now stand unaided, but cannot get into the standing position himself due to his feet knuckling. I feel boots and a wheelchair are a good combination. A wheelchair will take the weight and help to strengthen his thigh muscles. When in his walking wheels his legs just dangle as they did when he first got them 11 months ago. he does not try to use them. This could be habit and I realise he will need physiotherapy to encourage him. What would you recommend?"

As Mac is partially paralysed, he would be best with Maximus Skates. He can use his wheelchair to take the weight off his rear legs and use Skates to keep Mac's muscles moving and active rather than experience muscle wastage.

"Ben is predominantly husky and is 14 years old. He has arthritis in his hind legs and has knuckling"

If Ben has light knuckling, he would be best with Walkabout Knuckling boots. If Ben's knuckling is moderate, he would be best with Maximus Paws Up.

"Molly has one front paw knuckling but is very active and I’m concerned if a boot will impede him when running around. Can you suggest the best brace please?"

Molly has got a special combination: one front paw knuckling and active. In this situation, it is best to look at the Custom Maximus Paw Knuckling Brace.

"I would like to purchase a boot for my dog who is recovering from a spinal cord injury, and is still dragging his left foot slightly. He is a Labrador and his paw measures 7cm across at the widest point. What size boot would be the best fit for him please."

If your Labrador drags his back leg it would be best to look at these two boot types:

1. WagWear Wellies. These come in a pair, there is also a version with holes in which are breathable

2. Paw Knuckling boot. These come in a single boot

Zoomadog Customers: How to Help Your Dog

Mild Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces

  1. Walkabout Knuckling Boots
  2. WagWear Breathable Boots
  3. WagWear Welly Boots
  4. Joint Care

Moderate Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces

  1. Maximus PawsUp
  2. Walkin Bootie Splint
  3. Walkin Anti-Knuckling Sock
  4. Joint Care

Severe Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces

  1. Maximus Skates
  2. Maximus PawsUp Custom Brace
  3. Joint Care

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