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Walkin Bootie Dog Splint (firm)

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The Bootie Splint is ideal for dogs with paw knuckling in either their front or rear paws. This Bootie Splint is hard, it provides support underneath the foot and extends to just below the hock or carpal joint. This Bootie Splint fully immobilises the paw and wrist, it will keep your dog's paw straight so that it can recover from a fracture or injury. Make sure to measure your dog's paw width accurately, the splint is totally rigid therefore you need to make sure the paw fits correctly into the splint, please see the size guide below. If your dog suffers from paw knuckling, please look at the Walkin Anti-Knuckling Training Sock as this will help train your dog to regain the correct movement.

  • Walkin’ Bootie Splint extends under the paw to stabilise it
  • Excellent if your dog drags their paws or is recovering from an injury
  • Ideal for soft tissue injuries, joint issues, paw knuckling etc.
  • Keeps the paw straight and supported
  • Helps your dog walk longer and with more comfort

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Review: "Fantastic really... my dog drags his paw and this has stopped him damaging his paw and helped him walk." [Laura]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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How to Measure Walkin’ Bootie Dog Splint (Full Splint)

Walkin’ Bootie Splint Sizes

Walkin’ Bootie Splint Sizes

Measurement from longest toe nail to 1/2 inch down from hock or carpal point (seen on image)

X Small - 14cm length, 4.5cm paw width

Small -16.5cm length, 6cm paw width

Medium - 20cm length, 6.5cm paw width

Large - 21cm length, 7cm paw width

X Large -30cm length, 7.5 paw width

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ian Gutridge
No good

Tried many times to put it on and unsuccessful. If it was anywhere near on it slipped off.

Phyllis Kennedy
Good walking aid

But very very oversized, previously bought a knuckling boot, fitted perfectly so ordered this in the same size, but it’s massive and kohls twisted claws damaged the padding so cannot return, have now ordered a smaller size

Barbara Nalcakar
walkin bootie

this has helped my dog a lot, his paw was always wund before this, niw he can run about without getting hurt

Sally Daley
Wrong product, wrong description

Whether intentional or not, this product was advertised with incorrect measurements, and no facility apparent to order a boot suitable for a front rather than a back leg, where measurements radically differ. Struggling to survive on only a State Pension, supporting a disabled dog whose life may depend on suitable braces for her deformed front legs, I purchased a brace in good faith, only to discover that the Company had apparently not checked the information submitted by the manufacturer of the brace, and published grossly inaccurate and misleading information as a result. In discussion with an advisor, it became apparent that custom - made braces may be more appropriate for Kaya, but in the meantime, although I was sent a free return QR code, it did not work, and I find myself with less than £2.00 in my bank account, and concerned whether this Company will choose to take responsibility for the errors they publish, and refund the full price I have paid for the brace, including the postage, due to it's inaccurate description on their site. Unfortunately, in attempting to fit the brace, Kaya's claw marks appear on the padding of the brace, as it could not be fitted due to it's inappropriate size. I am concerned that it will not be accepted for refund, and I will have paid £93.00+ which I can ill afford for nothing. This threatens the survival of both Kaya and I, as I have barely enough money to live on as it is, without losing money to no positive purpose. I invite the Company to refund my money in full as a token of their part in relaying incorrect and misleading information on their website.
At least then, although time and emotional wellbeing have been lost, our survival may not be put at further risk.
I feel helpless, other than to state my case and appeal for a humane response which acknowledges ( and hopefully corrects), the incorrect material published on the website.
I rest my case!
Best Wishes
Sally Daley

Angies Marquis
Small too big

Good shoe but far too big even for a border terrier I ordered small so sent back after paying again u need too send free returns so know I hav too wait refund and the new boot but I don't think u should have too pay too return so I am giving 3 but good quality products just too big