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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Best Dog Carpal Supports & Carpal Hyperextension Braces

If your dog has a carpal pad injury or Carpal Hyperextension, they will need a carpal brace or support. We strongly recommend supporting your dogs carpal to reduce pain, provide support, reduce risk of re-injury and allow them to exercise. If your dog has mild carpal injury, look at the Therapaw Carpo X. If your dog has more severe carpal injury including moderate hyperextension, please look at the Therapaw Carpo Flex XThe degree of carpal injury and length of prognosis will dictate the correct carpal pad brace or support. Feel free to ring us if you have any questions with your dog and the correct support..

How to choose the right Carpal brace for my dog

Accurate Sizing:
Measure your dog's leg as per the manufacturer's guidelines.
Ensure the brace fits snugly but doesn't restrict circulation.

Specific Condition:
Choose a brace designed for your dog's specific condition (e.g., arthritis, tendon injury, post-surgery support).

Material Quality:
Look for durable, breathable, and skin-friendly materials.
Water-resistant materials are preferable for active dogs or outdoor use.

Comfort and Mobility:
The brace should allow for natural movement as much as possible.
Padding inside the brace can provide extra comfort.

Adjustable straps or Velcro closures help in achieving a perfect fit.
It should be easy to put on and take off.

Support Level:
Some braces offer more rigid support, while others are more flexible.
The level of support should match the severity of your dog's condition.

Good ventilation is crucial to prevent overheating and discomfort.

"Alfie has hyperflexion in his carpus and this has really helped support his carpal joint"

"Alfie has hyperflexion in his carpus and this has really helped support his carpal joint"

The Walkin Carpal Splint is a lightweight dog brace designed to immobilise and keep your dogs carpal joint totally straight, full-rigid and immobilised.

ALFIE Uses The Carpal Splint
Penny, double carpal hyperextension

Penny, double carpal hyperextension

The Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap offers moderate to firm support to your dog's wrist and carpal joint. This will support ligament or tendon damage, post-operative support, carpal hyper-extension, chronic arthritis and general weakness in the wrist.

Penny uses Therapaw Carpo X
Lottie, weak carpal pad joint

Lottie, weak carpal pad joint

"Really impressed with Lottie's new splint. She has been walking much better since wearing it. Arrived within a couple of days of ordering. Amazing service. Would highly recommend. Can't thank you enough. Jo & Lottie."

Lottie uses Balto Joint Carpal Splint
Boo, has carpal arthritis

Boo, has carpal arthritis

The Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports Wrap is a moderate support for the dog's carpal joint / wrist / front lower leg. The Carpo Flex Sport wrap offers relief from mild arthritis, sprains to the lower limb and ligaments, protects against injury, re-injury and alleviates pain.

Boo uses Therapaw Carpo Sport

Zoomadog Customers: How to Help Carpal Injuries & Hyperextension

“Our collie who has carpal hyperextension and osteoarthritis. Our vet recommended the Therapaw products. Can you explain the difference in both Therapaw Carpal Wraps please?”

There are two that work for carpal hyperextension and the main difference between them is the level of support.
Therapaw Wrap 1: Carpo Flex Sports. This one for the front lower legs gives a moderate support - strength 1-3 out of a range of 10.
Therapaw Wrap 2: Carpo Flex X. This one is a firmer support - strength 4-7 on a scale of 1-10.

"Charlie has hyperextension of the carpal ligament in his left fore and while it's not completely collapsed yet, it's come on quickly, and due to his arthritis I think he's putting too much pressure on the paw and if I don't support it I'm sure it will go at some point. What would you recommend?”

As Charlie has moderate carpal ligament injury, we would recommend you support his ligament with a Carpo Flex X. The Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap offers moderate to firm support to your dog's wrist and carpal joint. This will support ligament or tendon damage, post-operative support, carpal hyper-extension, chronic arthritis and general weakness in the wrist. Your dog can enjoy all normal activities whilst wearing this support. This support also contains an optional nylon strap that can be fastened anywhere inside the wrap to give your dog additional support to a chosen area.

“I have a small chihuahua size dog. She has recently lost the ability to straighten her front paws and I think she has hyperextension of the ligaments as they feel quite floppy. We have a set of wheels that she’s unable to use due to the front leg issue. I’ve heard that there are strap on boots that may help and I was hoping for some information about the ones you sell please. Do you think they would be suitable and enable us to get her onto her wheels?”

As Chihuahua’s are a small breed, we have found they do very well in wraps and don’t need to use something as rigid splint. Look at the Therapaw Carpo Sports Wrap (light support) and the Therapaw Carpo X Wrap (moderate support).

“Received my replacement carpo wrap today thanks. I have a question, I got these supports to help my dog when walking as she has angled carpal joints due to arthritis but I was wondering if there’s any benefit to leaving them on for longer? She doesn’t run about in the house but she does jump on and off the sofa and follows me upstairs…”

As these wraps are soft, rather than rigid plastic like our splints, your dog can wear them all day. We would recommend you take the carpal wrap off at night so they don’t chew it.

"My vet has recommended tall boots for my whippet to help with her arthritis which has caused angled carpel joints in her front legs. The only boots I can find are generic sizes meaning to fit her narrow paws I need ones that are too big around the leg. Ideally, I need something like the Hunnyboots that come up past the carpel joint. Any suggestions?"

We have several wraps which might help but they don't enclose the paw. The Walkabout Compression Sleeve is a good support for dogs with slim, long legs as it is available in a longer length in sizes M and above. It offers light support. The material isn't too thick so they could perhaps be combined with the Hunnyboots. Another good support for the carpal joint is the Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports Dog wrap, which will support and stabilise your dog's carpal joint without holding it rigid. You might want to also look at the LED Wrap which can help with arthritis.

“My Labrador has carpal hyperextension and arthritis. He is finding it hard to walk long distances without a support. Can you help me find the best product for him?”

The products we recommend for carpal hyperextension are the Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap which offers firm support and is also supportive for chronic arthritis - the Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports dog wrap is also an idea but it's lighter support). There's also the Balto Joint Carpal compression band - which again offers support for both the carpal hyperextension and the arthritis.

"My German Shepherd I think has Carpal Hyperextension. Can you recommend a suitable carpal splint please?"

Thank you for your enquiry with the information about your German Shepherd dog. We have several different options for carpal support, depending on the level of support required, which may help your dog to encourage correct weight bearing.

  • The Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap is a moderate to firm support tendon or ligament damage and carpal hyper-extension. Your dog can carry on with all normal activities whilst wearing this wrap.
  • Alternatively, for slightly more rigid support, we have the Balto Joint or the slightly longer Balto Bone. Both of these have rigid splints which can be removed. With these I would recommend that you build up the amount of time that they are worn for. We also recommend that wraps/splints are removed when your dog is resting or sleeping at night.

"My French Bulldog has a carpal ligament ruptrure. Can you advise what carpal splint or carpal wrap would be best for him?"

The Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap offers firm support to your French Bulldogs wrist and carpal joint but still allows your dog to enjoy all normal activities whilst wearing it. It can be worn all day, although we would recommend taking it off when your dog is resting or sleeping. It's an easy to wear wrap that offers support for carpal hyper-extension.

If you needed to immobilise the joint, for example for recovery from surgery or from carpal tendon / ligament damage, then the Walkin Dog Carpal Splint would be suitable. This will keep your dog's carpal joint totally straight.

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