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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Best Dog Shoulder Braces - Help Your Dog with Shoulder Dysplasia or Weakness

The Balto Shoulder Dog Brace Lux is excellent at reducing strain on your dogs’ shoulders and also offers strong support to the area. It is ideal for shoulder dysplasia, joint laxity or hypermobility, dislocation and inflammation. The Balto dog shoulder brace can be used for minor issues, like inflammation and for shoulder diseases like dysplasia that require limiting bending and movement of the joint. 

  • Balto® Lux - Dog Shoulder Brace
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Some Q&As from Zoomadog customers:

Q: Hi, I have a Sprocker Spaniel who has damaged her left shoulder. Soft tissue damage to tendons and muscles. The vet has told us we need to try and keep her quiet and to not let her jump up (well that’s very difficult with a young spaniel!) She needs to rest the shoulder but every time she seems to get better, she has a silly fit and undoes the repair of the muscle and then it hurts and she limps badly. Would your Shoulder Brace help support her shoulder but also reduce her stretching up to jump?

A: Yes, the Balto Lux Shoulder Brace will help to support the shoulder joint as well as limiting bending and movement of the joint, whilst it repairs. If you have any questions or would like help with sizing, let us know, we are here to help. Another thing which might be worth looking into is getting her a snuffle mat or a dog puzzle or similar, this can keep her occupied while exercise is limited.

Q: Hello, my Labrador has arthritis in both of his front legs. He still really enjoys his walks and pottering around but is finding it increasingly difficult. I saw on your website that you have a shoulder brace and wondered if you thought this might help him?

A: The Balto Lux Shoulder Brace, which you were looking at, can be brilliant for arthritis as it just gives that extra bit of support to the joints and reduce joint strain. Applying the brace should make walking much more comfortable, meaning he can go for longer walks again. It is soft and can be worn for long periods of time. Another thing which would be worth doing (if you are not already) is to give your Lab a joint supplement, this will also really help with the arthritis.

Q: Hello, Can you please tell me if the Balto Lux Is this suitable for a dog which has a dislocated shoulder joint? Unfortunately the joint keeps dislocating. Our dog is 11 years old and surgery is the last option.

A: The Balto Lux Shoulder Brace is really good for shoulder dislocations - it limits the bending and movement of the joint and offers strong support to the shoulder area. The straps, (which are easily adjusted) help to bind the two joints of the shoulder together.

Q: Hi, We have a Poodle who suffers from repetitive shoulder luxation, she is only 3 years old, so we have decided to have it operated on. Our vet advised us to find a brace to aid with post-operative recovery and saw the Balto Lux shoulder brace you have on your website, do you think this would be suitable?

A: Yes, we have had a number of dogs using the Balto Lux Shoulder Brace for post-op rehabilitation and have received positive feedback from this. It will help to support the joint as it is healing, while at the same time limit the amount of movement in the joint and surrounding muscles and tissues, allowing them to heal. It is easily adjustable, with Velcro fastenings. It is also made from soft material so can be worn for long periods of time, although we always advise to take it off for a while each day or overnight and to check for any rubbing, especially where your dog’s hair may have been clipped for surgery.

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