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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Cockapoo Dog Wheelchair UK

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£320.00 - £510.00
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Say hello to the Cockapoo Dog Wheelchair! Perhaps your Cockapoo has a slipped disc, spinal issue, weakness in their back or back legs, an accident, an ACL injury or other mobility issues. Get your Cockapoo up and mobile again with a set of dog wheels, take your Cockapoo on their favourite walk and get them feeling independent. If they have been finding it difficult to walk, you will notice a real boost in their mood once they can get around again. These dog wheelchairs are easy to set up and built for longevity, we stock the market-leading brand Walkin Wheels known for their durability and five-year warranty. They are excellently engineered and we offer quick delivery.

  • Excellent for Cockapoos with back, leg or hip weakness
  • Delivery 2 working days (order before 3pm)
  • We stock the brand Walkin Wheels
  • Kit: Frame, wheels, harness, leg rings, stirrups and belly belt
  • 5 Year Warranty

Review: "My dog Betsy is a 4 year old cockapoo. Unfortunately a few months ago Betsy slipped a disc in her spine which has left her paralysed in her back legs despite surgical attempt to avoid this. Wheels were an option proposed to us by our physio and this has been the best purchase to date. Betsy has her independence and freedom back" [Katie, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🚚 £15 Delivery 🌎 Worldwide shipping

Story of Ted, the Cavapoo

Story of Ted, the Cavapoo

"Our 4 yr old Cavapoo became paralysed from the waist down- 3 months ago (after a genetic condition caused a slipped disc). He’s had spinal surgery and lots of physio.

I met someone ‘out & about’ who recommended Zoomadog. The wheels give him a break from constantly trying to crawl around, dragging (and sometimes cutting) his feet.

4 weeks ago we started out with his back legs in the stirrups, but we noticed he was trying to use his back legs to walk - which was incredible.
Now we take him on short walks, or pop him in the wheels, in the garden for a wee... and he uses his back legs more and more to help him walk. It’s been brilliant!

Plus - It’s really helping my back from constantly lifting his back end too. We wouldn’t be without it now, but it did take a few weeks of short bursts-lots of treats. Highly recommend! (Don’t forget to buy shoes - ‘Trixie Active’ are good ... we had to buy the shoe size smaller than we thought we needed!)." Rebecca

Common Questions & Answers about Wheels for Cockapoo

Information on wheels
When you order a set of wheels they will come in a kit with an instruction booklet on how to put them together. The harness attaches to the frame, put the harness on your Cockapoo and they will be ready to pull the wheels.

The kit includes:
The frame, wheels x 2 (foam 8"), harness, leg rings, stirrups and belly belt

What extras do people buy with their cavapoo wheels?
Front Warrior Harness- This is very popular as an extra. The vest helps displace the wheel's weight making pulling the wheelchair more comfortable than the thinner harness which comes with the wheels. The harness is made of durable neoprene. Pull the harness over your dog's head. There is a D-Ring on the back of the harness so you can attach a lead-in or out of the wheelchair.

Belly Support - this sits under your dog and evenly distributes their weight and removes pressure points. This makes the wheels more comfortable

Will my dog need boots if they drag their paws?
In the kit you will get stirrups, if you want to protect their nails or paws you can use the stirrups to hold their paws up off the ground. If you want to let your dog use their back feet to move along, we recommend putting boots on them. We sell WagWear Mojave Boots which are a good choice.

What happens to the fitness of your Cockapoo?
In the first few days, keep a good eye on your Cockapoo. This is probably the most amount of exercise they've done in a while! Take it easy and give them a break from the wheels when you see them getting tired. Overall you will find your Cockapoo gets a lot more exercise and will be fitter than below.

Can I leave the wheels on all day?
Yes you can leave the wheels on all day. Most people find their dog really enjoys running around. Your Cockapoo can wear the wheels inside, outside and all-day.

Can I return the wheels if they don't fit my dog or if my dog doesn't like them?
Yes absolutely, we have a 14 day returns policy. We also have a wheelchair expert who looks over each order before they are sent out to ensure your dog has the perfect wheel size for them.

What is the delivery time?
2 – 3 days in the UK. We can ship internationally (anywhere).

How to Measure the Cockapoo Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

Step 1: Back leg
Measure from where the thigh meets the body, down to the toe. Do not extend your dogs leg

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dog's back

After you order we will email to get your measurements

Extra Options for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Add a Belly Support - this offers mid-point support to evenly distribute weight and remove pressure points. This makes the straps more comfortable

Walkin Rear lift Harness - great for large heavier dogs. You put the harness on beforehand, then you can simple lift and clip your dog into the wheelchair

Walkin' Front Vest (only small wehelechairs) - a more comfortable option to the kit wheelchair harness

Walker Active Rear Boots - add boots to your dog so they get all the grip possible

Boots for Dragging Paws - put boots on your dogs' back paws to protect them from scraps and bruises

Amputee Cover - to support the dog with a smooth amputation, removing pressure points and adding comfort

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Julie Boardman
Dog walker

So pleased with product, our little girl Ellie enjoys her walks with her brothers, anyone thinking of buying this product will not be disappointed, it’s a bit expensive but
That’s the price we pay for our beautiful fur babies

Crazy cockapoo

Our third set of wheels! Our boy is hard on them. He’s young and wants to run. People have their opinions, but we let him within reason. I wish they were a bit more robust, but that’s would add to the weight.

As usual can’t fault the service from Zoomadog.

Ann Marie Fraser

Fantastic service so so happy with the wheels and so easy to use and get along with

Sara Dodd
New purchase

After adopting a frenchie and being recommended our wheelchair we ordered. Bit fiddly with a heavy dog alone but set up with 2 is a doddle. I can now put him in and out on my own and he’s been showing the locals he’s not worried about getting a ticket 😂🥰

Derek Macklin

Very good product