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Next Day Delivery £15 Avaliable // 14 Day Return Policy
Next Day Delivery £15 Avaliable

German Shepherd Dog Wheelchair UK - Walkin Wheels

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Walkin Wheels are excellent for helping your German Shepherd walk again. Your German Shepherd may have developed severe hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy (DM) or have weak rear legs, lower back or hips. Your German Shepherd might have started to drag their back legs or lose balance, so keep them moving by taking the weight off their back legs with a set of wheels. Soon your GSD will be able to go on walks again. 

  • Delivery 2 working days (order before 3pm)
  • Excellent for GSDs with DM and back / leg / hip weakness
  • Kit: Frame, wheels, harness, leg rings, stirrups, belly belt
  • 5 Year Warranty

Review: "Bought for my German Shep cross. No mistake this is a quality wheelchair, he has no pressure points or marks after being in it, and he would walk until he was exhausted if I let him. Another bonus is all the parts are available from Zoomadog. This chair IS a lifesaver, very well made, if you think it is pricey once you use it you'll realise for what you get it is the best money you will ever spend." (Stuart, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🚚 £15 Delivery 🌎 Worldwide shipping

Common Questions & Answers for German Shepherd Wheelchairs

What size wheelchair is my German Shepherd?

Most German Shepherds will go in a Medium or Large dog wheelchair. Use the weight of your GSD to work out what size they are. Get in touch if you need help: or 01730 622544

What do you get with your wheels kit?
Your wheels come in a kit with a booklet to show you how to put them together. The kit includes: The frame, wheels x 2, front harness, leg rings, stirrups and belly belt.

What extras should I buy with my wheels?
For GSDs over 25kg, we recommend looking at three products:

Many people buy a Belly Support, this gives more support to your dog underneath their tummy and makes the wheels more comfortable. It also disperses the wheel weight more evenly. The kit comes with a Belly Belt, but this is thin and not as good for larger dogs.

The Warrior Front Harness, this is a more comfortable and wider harness than the standard harness which comes in the kit. It makes the wheelchair easier to pull.

The Rear Lift Harness, this helps larger dogs use the wheelchair. Instead of you lifting their back legs into the wheelchair each time (which can be heavy), put the harness click the wheels into the harness. This will also save your back.

When is your dog ready for a wheelchair?
It is so important your dog has two strong front legs. For the back legs, you can put their legs either up or down by using the stirrups. You can do this easily. Now your dog is in wheels they can get the exercise they need to live a happy, healthy and active life. We find dogs adjust easily to wheelchairs and they are off exploring in no time.

How do I measure my dog for wheels?
First, find the weight of your dog. Second, measure their back leg length. We will email you after your order to get your measurements.

Can my dog lie down with their wheels?
These wheels are for exercising and activity and don’t make lying down easy.

Can my dog go to the toilet in the wheels?

For non-paralysed dogs we recommend you take your dog to the toilet before they go in their wheels. In time your dog will learn to toilet naturally standing up. The most important thing is to reassure them that it's okay the first time so it’s a positive experience for them. If your dog is paralysed, your dog will go to the toilet while in the wheels.

My dog has an amputated leg. Can they have a wheelchair?
Yes, if your dog has an amputated front leg we recommend a Quad wheelchair. If they have an amputated rear leg you can start with regular rear wheels.

What is the delivery time?
2 – 3 days in the UK. We can ship internationally (anywhere).

Will my dog need boots if they drag their paws?
In the kit you will get stirrups, if you want to protect their nails or paws you can use the stirrups to hold their paws up off the ground. If you want to let your dog use their back feet to move along, we recommend putting boots on them. We sell Walker Active Boots which are a good choice.

How to Measure the German Shepherd Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

Step 1: Back leg
Measure from where the thigh meets the body, down to the toe. Do not extend your dogs leg

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dogs back

After you order we will email to get your measurements

What happens to the fitness of my dog?
In the first few days, keep a good eye on your dog. This is probably the most amount of exercise they've done in a while! Take it easy and give them a break from the wheels when you see them getting tired. Overall you will find your dog gets a lot more exercise and will be fitter than below.

Can I leave the wheels on all day?
Yes you can leave the wheels on all day. Most people find their dog really enjoys running around. Make sure to keep an eye on them in the first week, this is probably the most amount of exercise they have done in a while! Your dog can wear the wheels inside, outside and all-day.

Can I return the wheels if they don't fit my dog or if my dog doesn't like them?
Yes absolutely, we have a 14 day returns policy. We also have a wheelchair expert who looks over each order before they are sent out to ensure your dog has the perfect wheel size for them.

Extra Options for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Add a Belly Support - this offers mid-point support to evenly distribute weight and remove pressure points. This makes make the straps more comfortable

Walkin' Rear lift Harness - great for large heavier dogs. You put the harness on beforehand, then you can simple lift and clip your dog into the wheelchair

Walkin' Front Vest (only small wheelchairs) - a more comfortable option to the kit wheelchair harness

Walker Active Rear Boots - add boots to your dog so they get all the grip possible

Boots for Dragging Paws - put boots on your dogs' back paws to protect them from scraps and bruises

Amputee Cover - to support the dog with a smooth amputation, removing pressure points and adding comfort

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Peter Clarkson
Fast service and a great product

Fast service and a great product

Martin Pedlar
Billy's Wheels

Very easy to assemble. Once fitted to Billy you would think he had been wearing it for years. Took to it like a duck to water. Billy can still walk but his 15 yo back end after a disk operation 8 years ago is now taking its toll. He as no issues using it. Wish we had got it a year ago. He looks happy and can still play with other dogs too. They are pricey but happy to pay if it keeps the Boy here longer. Very satisfied. 👍😁

Claire Stevens
Great Frenchie product

The wheelchair element is fab and really well made, the harness it came with was too flimsy and didn’t have a clip for a dog lead but I upgraded to a better harness and now it’s top marks just a shame there wasn’t an option to upgrade the harness on initial purchase as an extra £50 on top of over £300 seems a lot even though it’s worth every penny to see my dog out enjoying walks

Jodie Taaffe

This has given my brothers German shepherd her independence back and she is loving it


Amazing product! Helped our 62 kilos, 9 yrs old American Akita with both back legs tore ligament issue a lot and has gained is mobility back. He is stubborn at first but with patience and determination he is used to it now and walking as normal.