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Best Dog Elbow Dysplasia Braces and Dog Elbow Supports

If you are looking for Dog Elbow Braces, we recommend looking at two braces below. The Balto Soft is for a single elbow, and Balto Plus Soft is a double elbow brace. The Balto Soft is our most popular elbow brace which offers excellent moderate support designed to protect the dog in cases of hygromas, sores, calluses on the elbow and bursitis. The Balto Soft Plus Elbow Brace is a double brace designed to protect both your dogs’ elbow. Both are well made quality dog elbow braces which can be worn all day, indoors or outdoors. When your dog is resting or left over night, you can take it off to give your dog a rest.

Moderately Stiff Elbow Braces

Moderately stiff elbow braces for dogs are specifically designed to provide a balanced level of support and flexibility for dogs suffering from conditions like elbow dysplasia, arthritis, or general joint wear and tear.

Firm Elbow Braces

Firm elbow braces for dogs are designed to offer maximum support and stabilisation for canines experiencing severe elbow conditions, such as advanced dysplasia, significant arthritis, or post-surgical recovery

Some Q&As from Zoomadog customers:

Q: Hello, we have a Beagle who is now 11 years old, he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia when he was about a year old and had surgery on both his elbows at the time. The surgery was very successful but we are just noticing now that he is starting to get a bit stiff again and I was wondering if there was anything which you could recommend to help him?

A: Something which we would recommend and which you should find helpful is the Balto Soft Plus. This is a double brace, so will support both elbows simultaneously. It provides moderate support and can be worn for long or short periods of time as it is soft and so shouldn’t causing any rubbing. We do recommend that you take it off when your dog is sleeping however, just to give them a break. Another thing which I think your Beagle would benefit from is a joint supplement. Sadly, one of the inevitable consequences of elbow dysplasia is that your dog will go on to develop arthritis. We stock a range of joint supplements which we have found to be very beneficial.

Q: Hello, We have an elderly Labrador who has arthritis in her front right elbow. We were looking for something to help support her and make her more comfortable. We are giving her a joint supplement which has helped, she still really enjoys her walks but is being limited at the moment, what would you suggest?

A: Its really great that you are giving your Labrador a joint supplement and this will be helping her a lot in the background. In terms of giving her more support for walks or getting up and down from her bed, we can recommend the Kruuse Rehab Pro Elbow Protector. This gives moderate support to the elbow and helps to cushion it. It is held in place by a strap running over their back and attaching to the opposite front leg, without putting any extra strain on the other leg. They are made specifically for a right or left elbow, so when ordering be sure to select the correct side!

Q: Hi, Our French Bulldog has elbow dysplasia but is too old for surgery. I was wanting to get her a brace but she has quite a lot of swelling around her elbow joint as she also has osteoarthritis and I was wondering if a brace would be possible?

A: It sounds like an elbow brace would be a good idea. We would recommend either the Balto Soft if she only has one affected elbow or the Balto Soft Plus helps if both elbows are affected. This gives moderate support. We also sell the Kruuse Rehab Pro Elbow Protector, this also gives moderate support but is a bit more structured and gets excellent feedback from our customers. All of these options are made from soft material, fasten with Velcro and are easy to adjust, so will fit around any swelling. Let us know if you have any questions for sizing and we can help.

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