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Kruuse Rehab Pro Dog Elbow Protector (moderate)

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The Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector is excellent if your dog has a sore or painful elbow joints, whether the elbow is injured or has severe arthritis or similar. The extra cushioning provides comfort and warmth to your dog's elbow area reducing pain and discomfort, combine a left and right protector if your dog has issues in both elbows. Place the elbow protector over your dog's shoulder, place the cushion around the tip of the elbow and secure the straps. Fasten the anchor strap around the opposite front leg, adjust the strap over the shoulders. 

  • The moderate support for your dog’s elbow
  • Provides elbow compression, warmth and support
  • Can be worn all day if required
  • Easy to put on, strap over the shoulder
  • Comfortable for your dog

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Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector Moderate

Kruuse Dog Elbow Pro Protector Sizes

Kruuse Dog Elbow Pro Protector Sizes

Protection and padding of the elbow
Post or Pre-Surgery protection
Protection for elbow dysplasia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, OCD, ligament damage

3mm think plush neoprene
Velcro straps to secure the support in place

Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector

Customer question:

Can I make a bilaterial (both sides) elbow brace?

Zoomadog answer:

Yes you can. Purchase both sides, The cushioned part is placed on the tip of the elbow and the protector is fastened with the two straps together over the shoulder.


The Elbow Protector can be used for compression and joint support in connection with
osteoarthritis, OCD, ligament injuries ED and other assessments.

Due to the extra cushioning at the tip of the elbow (olecranon) the KRUUSE Rehab Pro
Elbow Protector is suitable for preventing and as relieve of bursitis (hygroma) and other
pressure related problems of the tip of the elbow.

The elbow protector provides compression and warmth to the joint which can ease
pain and discomfort. Problems of the elbow are often bilateral and for that reason the
left and right KRUUSE Rehab Pro Elbow Protector can be connected if necessary

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The product is made extremely well and looks very durable...

The product is made extremely well and looks very durable, seems to fit her nicely and has extra padding to the joint area. She has worn it for half an hour and is getting used to the support this gives her joint. We feel it is supportive and comfortable for her to wear. We bought medium sized. Very pleased with the product so far and use at weekend for a walk and give further feedback.

Thank you Zoomadog for the excellent customer service including delivery.