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Best Dog Back Braces - help IVDD, a slipped disc or a weak back

Help your dog enjoy longer walks with less pain! We recommend looking at both our Dog Back Braces: L'il Back Bracer and WiggleLess Back Brace. Both brands are very popular, for owners looking to give their dog extra security and stability along their back. Both back braces are highly adjustable with Velcro elastic straps. Snug adjustable fit provides gentle constant pressure for calming effect on the nervous system. Easy to take on and off, both come in black.

Light Support Back Brace

Designed to provide support for minor back issues, such as mild strains or sprains, general weakness, or as a preventive measure for dogs prone to back problems. Ideal for dogs that require additional back support during regular activities, or for aging dogs with general back discomfort. Also used in the early or mild stages of back issues.

Firm Support Back Brace

Intended for dogs with severe back issues, such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), significant spinal injuries, post-surgical recovery, or major back instability. Best suited for post-operative care, severe spinal conditions, or when significant support is required to maintain spinal alignment and relieve pressure on the spine.

Lucy has a weak spine, wearing the WiggleLess back brace

Lucy has a weak spine, wearing the WiggleLess back brace

The WiggleLess Dog Back Brace is excellent for dogs with IVDD, degenerative myelopathy, back injuries or issues. It offers firm support along your dogs spine giving them full security and reducing pain caused by pinching back nerves.

WiggleLess Back Brace
Boo has IVDD, wearing the L'il Back Bracer

Boo has IVDD, wearing the L'il Back Bracer

The L'il Back Bracer is a popular and excellent back brace providing your dog with full back support while dealing with back injuries, weakness and IVDD.

L'il Back Bracer
Bertie, wearing the Lil Back Bracer

Bertie, wearing the Lil Back Bracer

"I recently found out my dog has abnormal bone growth in his lumbar as well as ostosis arthritis in his sacral lumbar, so I decided to research what products are available when I come across Zoomadog that do a “lil back bracer”.

lil back Bracer

Some Q&As from Zoomadog customers

Q: My 4 year old Frenchie has been diagnosed with IVDD. He doesn’t appear to be in much pain currently and is extremely mobile and wanting to be active. The vet has prescribed 4 weeks in a cage, with lots of drugs to keep him calm. I’m looking at other options and see that you have a brace for dogs with IVDD but am unsure which is the best.

A: For IVDD back bracers you have two options:

  1. The WiggleLess Back Brace:

This brace has the strongest support offered with the most boning inside. It can be worn all-day to keep your dog’s spin stable. It has 3 wide straps each side, which you pull up from the belly and attached onto the side Velcro

2. The Lil Back Bracer:

This back protector has less boning, the support goes all the way along the back and the loop goes behind your dog’s tail to keep in touch. There are two wide elastic straps on one side of the brace, which you then pull under the belly and attach to Velcro the other side to tighten

It would help to know where in your dog’s back there are issues, this will help you work out which back brace is most appropriate and how far back you need the support.

Q: Hello, my dog has been diagnosed with IVDD, she is still able to walk but her legs get a bit wobbly at times. We were looking at the back brace for support to help her recover / stop further damage. We are managing pain with mediation and she has been advised caged rest, but we are wanting more back support for her to prevent further injury or pain.

A: If you are looking for a back brace, there are two. However based on her size, I think the Lil Back Bracer would work best. They tend to work better for smaller breeds than the WiggleLess.

Q: Hello, Our 10 year old cockerpoo had two spinal surgeries in April for slipped discs which unfortunately failed. She is now paralysed from the waist down and only her front legs work. Would the Walkin Support RX harness be an option for her? Would it support her back enough? We are having to spend a lot of money on vet bills and additional equipment and I don’t want to buy something which won’t be suitable for her, or even worse, is going to put pressure on her back.

A: The Walkin Support RX harness is a harness to aid with lifting or carrying your dog or to aid you to walk dogs with rear leg weakness. It wouldn't provide support on its own.
We have two back braces which will stabilise the spine, helping to prevent nerve pinching and therefore pain but unfortunately will not cure IVDD or slipped discs but make it more comfortable. Here is a link to the website.

For dogs that are paralysed in their back legs, the wheelchairs are a great option to get them mobile, as the wheelchair will totally support the dog's weight. Their back legs can be put up in the stirrups or they can still use their back legs if they have a bit of movement and you want to help maintain muscle.

Q: Hi, I am looking for some advice please. My 7 years old dog has just been diagnosed with IVDD. He is a still able to walk but he has pain and discomfort if he doesn't have his medication. His back legs appear to become weak and wobbly at times.

A: If your dog is likely to have permanent IVDD and not be able to use their back rear legs again, it would be best you get him in a wheelchair quickly. This will allow him to still exercise and go on walks like normal, but the wheelchair will take the weight off his back legs. They are able to still use their back legs on the floor but the weight will be taken off them.

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