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Front Leg Dog Supports, Wraps & Splints

Find our full range of Front Leg Dog Supports, Wraps and Splints below. Both Therapaw Dog Leg Supports are very high quality, offering relief from mild arthritis and sprains to the lower limb and ligaments and protecting against injury. The Kruuse Front Leg Supports are lighter in support and good for adding protection. Our most popular splint is the Walkin Full Leg Splint. This splint design keeps your dog's leg straight and completely immobile. For example, the splint can be used when your dog is recovering from an operation or serious injury. The Walkin Carpal Splint is a lightweight dog brace designed to keep the carpal joint straight and rigid. The Bootie Splint provides support underneath your dog's paw and extends to below the carpal joint, immobilising the paw and wrist.

What conditions require front leg dog splints?

Front leg splints for dogs are used to help manage various medical conditions and injuries. These splints provide support, stability, and immobilization to the affected limb. Here are some conditions where a front leg splint might be helpful:

Fractures: Splints are often used to stabilize broken bones in the leg. They help keep the bone in the correct position during the healing process.

Ligament Injuries: Injuries to ligaments, such as a torn cranial cruciate ligament (similar to the ACL in humans), can benefit from the support of a splint.

Tendon Injuries: Splints can aid in the healing of injured tendons by limiting movement and allowing the tendon to rest and repair.

Arthritis: For dogs with arthritis, particularly in the wrist or carpal joint, a splint can help reduce pain by providing support and limiting stressful movements.

Carpal Hyperextension: Splints can be used to treat carpal hyperextension, where the wrist joint collapses forward under the weight of the dog, by providing support and preventing overextension.

Post-Surgical Support: After certain surgeries, such as those to correct bone deformities or joint issues, splints can help in the recovery process by stabilising the leg.

Neurological Conditions: Dogs with neurological disorders that affect limb function may benefit from splints to prevent knuckling over and to assist in proper limb placement.

Wound Protection: In some cases, splints can protect wounds or surgical sites on the leg from licking, biting, or external harm, aiding in the healing process.

Degenerative Conditions: For degenerative conditions like degenerative myelopathy, splints can help support weakened limbs, although they are more commonly used on hind legs for this condition."

Carpal lameness

Carpal lameness

"Hello, my collie had a carpal arthrodesis on his front left leg 3 years ago following a sprain injury. Since then his front right wrist ligaments have gradually become weaker ligaments which means he is distributing his weight unevenly while walking and has recently caused lameness. The physio and I both agree he would benefit from a support for his front right on his daily walks. Please can you advise?"

Thank you for your message and yes you are looking at the right product for your Collie – the Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports Wrap would be the best for your dogs right leg. The wrap can be worn all day ad will support your Collie's front ligament limp well. They are very popular and customers find they are comfortable, supportive and easy to put on.

Torn tendon

Torn tendon

"Hi, our Vet has referred Zoomadog to us for buying a splint for our dog. He has a completely flat left front foot, his tendon has torn and they can’t do surgery as it’s too late now. Please can you advise which splint to buy him as I see you have 2 types of full leg splints the vet suggested full leg splint but mentioned to ask for your advice before deciding. Can you recommend which type of support will be best for him I would like to get one as soon as we can as he's been weight baring on it for weeks now so very concerned for his recovery."

Thank you for your message and yes we would recommend the ‘Bootie Splint’. This is exactly the same as the Full Leg Splint but half the height and therefore lighter. If you only need support around the ankle tendon / lower half of the leg, then this is the best splint for you. Please find the link for the Bootie Splint here.

Sprained ankle

Sprained ankle

"I am wondering if someone could help me with which size my dog needs. He is a greyhound and weighs 40 kg. He is prone to straining one of his ankles. Would this product help?"

Thank you for your enquiry. It would be best to look at two products.

  • The Walkabout Compression Sleeve provides protection with light support.
  • The Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports Dog Wrap may be more suitable as it provides greater support for the dog's carpal joint / wrist / front lower leg.

It is advised not to leave your dog alone with the product on, in case they remove by biting or scratching.