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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector (light)

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The Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector is the lightest support we sell for your dog's wrist and carpal joint. The carpal protector offers a simple solution to support the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg. This product can be worn all day if needed. Please be aware that this is the lightest wrist/carpal support we have, if your dog has a diagnosed injury or need stronger support please have a look at Therapaws Carpo Supports.

  • The lightest support for a dog’s wrist and carpal joint
  • Excellent for weak or injured wrists, tendons, mild arthritis etc.
  • Breathable material
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be worn everyday

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Review: "I tried one of these after using the sport wraps for years. My dogs made a good recovery but I wanted to make sure she didn't knock the legs while out running with my other dogs. Its a fab wrap for the price and seems to stay on well. Good for the price." [Sandy, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector (Very Light Support)

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector Sizes

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector Sizes

To measure your dog, put a soft tape measure around the leg to measure the circumference and the height of the wrap given below should cover the affected wrist /carpal area.

Please do not guess which size your dog needs from the breed, this only serves as an advisory guide. It is much more accurate to measure your dog for fit.

These are secured by velcro, so the circumference is highly adjustable but the height is fixed.

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector (Very Light Support)

3mm thick plush neoprene support secured with strong velcro straps
Comfortable support for long-term wear
Light support

Stabilisation of the wrist or carpal joint
Mild cases of arthritis / osteoarthritis
Lightest support for weak or injured wrists
Protection after mild ligament damage

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
alan clews
Light carpal protector

Expensive for what it is but it does make a big difference when out walking.

Jacqueline Snelling

Kruuse Dog Carpal Protector (light)

Susan stevens
Poor quality and over priced

I paid roughly £30 which include £5 post and packing. It didn’t warrant £5 p&p it could have been sent in a normal envelope with a standard first class stamp! The product was not worth it. Just a square of material with Velcro sewn in. I could have easily made this myself. The product was a rip off and so was the over costed P&P. I won’t be ordering from you again you have lost my trust! Please refund me.

Adele Ewing
Not good

Really not very good or worth the money.

Konstantina Thompson
Recommended by vet

My 14 years old Border Collie has arthritis. Our vet recommended that we try Kruuse Carpal Protecters to help support him on walks. He wears them without fuss and they certainly help his movement. Very pleased.