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Walkin Wheels Rear Amputee Dog Wheelchair

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Walkin Wheels are excellent if your dog is missing a rear leg either through accident or injury, help balance your dog and make sure they don't injure their remaining back leg. It can be a worry when your dog is playing in the garden or out on a walk that their remaining leg might get irreversibly injured, support your dog under their stomach and take the weight off the last back leg. Measure the back leg to determine the size of wheels your dog requires. Any questions, just give us a call.

  • Allow your dog to exercise living a joyous and active life
  • Add a 'Amputee' cover to fill the rear whole where a normal leg whole is
  • 5 Year Warranty

Give us a call 01730 622544

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How to Measure Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

How to Measure a Walkin Wheelchair

Step 1: FOF
Do not extend your dog's leg, measure from the toe to the belly

Step 2: ATR
For mini and small wheelchairs, measure along your dog's back

Extra Options for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

How to measure a double amputee:

To measure a double rear leg amputee for their rear leg height, hold the dog up into its natural standing position and measure from the ground to its groin.

Establish if the dog has no partial limbs left at all, they usually have the whole leg removed so have smooth amputations.
It can be a bit of trial and error to see what suits some dogs but most start using the Rear Leg Rings with 2x Amputee Covers (if smooth amputations) along with a Belly Support. Advise customer this is sometimes a bit of trial and error to see what suits their dog, so may have to make adaptations eg a Rear Lift Harness could hold them in a bit more securely.

Some customers choose to line the rear supports with fleece or other soft material for added comfort. We also have some rear lift harnesses available which are compatible to clip the rear end into the wheelchair instead of the leg rings, in case she gets on better with this design. So there are options to try, it's often a bit of trial and error to see what suits her.

Add a Belly Support - this offers mid-point support to evenly distribute weight and remove pressure points. This makes make the straps more comfortable

Walkin' Rear lift Harness - great for large heavier dogs. You put the harness on beforehand, then you can simple lift and clip your dog into the wheelchair

Air Tyres for Medium or Large Wheelchairs - great for off-roading and rural countryside paths (or the beach). When wheelchairs get heavier, this can give dogs more grip

Walkin' Front Vest (only small wehelechairs) - a more comfortable option to the kit wheelchair harness

Walker Active Rear Boots - add boots to your dog so they get all the grip possible

Boots for Dragging Paws - put boots on your dogs' back paws to protect them from scraps and bruises

Amputee Cover - to support the dog with a smooth amputation, removing pressure points and adding comfort

Customer Reviews

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Teresa Stafford

I find this wheelchair really made a difference to my dogs quality of life. She is a 9 year old Saint Bernard whose back legs are starting to deteriorate due to her age. This wheelchair has given her support and she is quite comfortable in it. She loves going for walks now, even if they are short.