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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Best Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces

Find our full range of Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces below. If you are looking for an alternative to ACL surgery, these cruciate knee braces can be a substitute. The Balto Jump Dog Cruciate Knee brace is an excellent for providing extra support and strength for dogs with cruciate ligament injury (ACL). There is also a Double Balto Jump brace for both dog leg cruciate knee braces. The Walkabout Cruciate Knee Brace is a lightweight dog brace used to treat minor to major joint issues ranging from overuse. The Balto Ligatek Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace is the most sophisticated knee brace offering the most stability for a variety of knee injuries and issues. It is highly customisable for your dog and can provide long-term support.

Light Support Cruciate Knee Braces

Designed for dogs with minor knee issues or for preventative care. Ideal for early stages of injury, mild strains, or as a preventive measure during activities.

Moderate Support Cruciate Knee Braces

Intended for dogs with moderate knee injuries or conditions like mild to moderate cruciate ligament tears. Suitable for recovery stages, providing support during healing while allowing some movement for muscle strengthening

Firm Support Cruciate Knee Braces

Designed for dogs with severe knee injuries or conditions, such as complete cruciate ligament tears or after surgery. Best for post-surgery recovery or severe injuries where substantial joint stabilisation is necessary

Custom Support Cruciate Knee Braces

Specifically designed to fit your dogs needs. Go with this one if all other products do not fit your requirements

Alfie, wearing the Walkabout Knee Brace

Alfie, wearing the Walkabout Knee Brace

"I would have gone down the surgery route, but he obviously does not require surgery, just leg support when he pulls his leg. Two weeks and he will be back to normal guaranteed". The Walkabout Cruciate Knee Brace is a lightweight dog brace used to treat minor damage.

Walkabout knee brace
Rooney, wearing the Balto Jump brace

Rooney, wearing the Balto Jump brace

Rooney has a rupture cruciate ligament. He wears the Balto Jump to support the knee and reduce further injury. The Balto Jump Cruciate Ligament Knee Dog Brace gives your dog the extra bounce they need to take on the world with confidence. The Balto Jump is our most popular knee brace for treating cruciate ligament injuries.

Balto Jump Cruciate Brace
Lucky, post TPLO surgery with the Ligatek brace

Lucky, post TPLO surgery with the Ligatek brace

"My spaniel had a TPLO operation in January. This brace offered the support and protection that his leg needed, while on holiday in Cornwall". The Balto Ligatek Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace is excellent at stabilising your dog's knee including ACL injuries and issues.

Ligatek Cruciate Brace

Choose the Best Cruciate Ligament Brace for your Dog

Q&As from Zoomadog Customers

Q: "Hello, I would like some advice please regarding what to purchase for our 9 year old Hungarian Vizsla who has had ACL surgery a few years ago. The main issue however is that the wound site has lost all its fur and left to his own devices he will nibble a hole in his knee because he can feel the metalwork inside. Consequently when left on his own, he has been wearing a cone, including all night. This obviously works but is uncomfortable and I would prefer to have something that just stops him accessing the scar tissue."

A: The Walkabout Cruciate Dog Knee brace is a good lightweight support, it is slightly more robust than the Kruuse knee protector and has an opening at the back of the lower part which makes it easier to pull over the paw. Is your Vizsla short haired? The problem with short hair is that the hair isn't generally long enough for the strap to grip to, but this can be resolved by using the brace attached to a standard dog harness.

Q: "Hello, I have a Sealyham terrier with a tear in her cruciate ligament . I am trying to avoid surgery and would like to try one of your cast knee braces. As a Sealyham, none of the off the shelf ones fit! How do I go about ordering the kit? Have you had a Sealyham use one before do you know?"

A: We use an American company who are specialists in dog custom knee braces. The whole process takes about three to four weeks.

1. You purchase the brace
2. We send you a form asking for some extra information: breed, weight, injury, colour you want
3. We send the cast to your vet, they will follow the instructions to make the mould (we arrange shipping)
4. Your vet sends the mould back to the USA to make the cast - takes 5 days to make (we arrange shipping)
5. We ship back to you, ready to use

Q: "Hello, our dog Herbert has been diagnosed with a cruciate ligament injury by our vet. We are trying to avoid surgery at this time but know it might be something we have to do in the future, can you advise on what kind of brace might be helpful for him please?"

A: We have a range of products which are specifically for cruciate ligament injuries / weakness. The Balto Jump is our most popular knee brace for supporting cruciate ligament injuries. It provides good support whilst the injury heals and is a good alternative to surgery or for post-surgery support.

We would also recommend an arthritic supplement as unfortunately cruciate ligament injuries nearly always lead to the onset of arthritis; however a joint supplement can really help to slow this process and keep Herbert fitter for longer.

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