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Custom Made Dog Knee Brace UK

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Our Custom Dog Knee Brace is excellent for dogs suffering from cruciate knee injuries, tears and other knee issues. Perhaps your dog is young and you want to give them the best chance of success or has a serious injury and requires maximum support. Because this custom cast fits your dog perfectly, unlike off-the-shelf brands, your dog will have the greatest support possible and therefore heal more quickly. This custom brace can be used pre and post operation, following a ligament repair or when your dog is unable to have surgery.

  • Three week turnaround
  • Made especially to your dog’s leg measurements
  • A cast is used to map your dogs exact shape with your vet (we organise) 
  • Custom knee brace is then returned to you / your vet for fitting
  • Made in the USA

🚚 £4.95 Delivery or £15 Next Day Delivery 🌎 Worldwide shipping

How to Measure Custom Made Dog Knee Brace

Custom Made Dog Knee Brace

Custom Made Dog Knee Brace

Thigh measurement: Measure along the front of the leg from the knee center to fold of the leg at the hip

Option for non-surgical candidates due to age, cost, other contraindications
Stabilises the joint
Provides support to the affected area
Decreases healing time and decreases cost
Return to improved activity level and near normal joint function
Allows for easier wound inspection
Releases pressure on Contra-lateral Limb

Custom Made Dog Knee Brace

How does this Custom Dog Knee Brace help my dog?:
The Custom Dog Knee brace assists with healing from injury and also post surgery. Additionally, our custom braces help with chronic conditions like arthritis. As a pair, these braces helps with giving added support to your dog's weight bearing leg following the injury of one leg.

What is included with the purchase of a Custom Dog Knee Brace?
Our Custom Dog Knee braces come with a free casting kit. Whichever shipping option you choose at checkout, will determine how the casting kit and final brace will be sent to you. We offer free ground shipping, 2-day business day, and overnight business day available for an additional charge. It is the your responsibility to mail back the cast.

What happens if the fit is not correct?
Not to worry, we will work with you through adjustments until the fit is correct.

What if my dog's knee brace needs refurbishment?
You can order straps and pads off our website. If you need the Liner replaced, you will need to send it to us for repair at the cost of $125.00.

Is this brace waterproof?
All of our custom dog braces are made with a non-porous padded liner and a polypropylene plastic. Both materials can be wiped down to dry and/or cleaned. Straps and strap pads will need to be air dried.

How often can my dog wear this brace?
In most cases after the Break in Period of two weeks you can leave the brace on as long as needed but make sure to take off at least twice a day for skin examination. Please remove the brace before your dog goes to bed at night.

Can they go up and down stairs?
After a few days of use and they seem to be adjusting to the brace, you can introduce them to stairs.

How long is the fabrication process?
Once we receive the cast it takes 12-14 business days to fabricate. We offer Free ground shipping, but Expedited Shipping can be included for an extra charge. If you choose expedited shipping at checkout, we will ship both the Casting Kit and your dog's Custom Brace based on that option.

Is the casting process difficult?
We provide casting videos on our website under the Pawcademy section. Instructions will also be included in the casting kit. If needed, we can also walk you or your Veterinarian through the casting process.

Hand-sculpted using thermal & vacuum formed technology
Fitted to your pets very own limb
Cushioning non-porous medical grade foam to ease pressure on affected area
Adjustable durable hook and loop strap system to tighten and loosen for comfort
Made is the USA
Six Month Warranty

Range of Motion Hinges
Allows full range of motion, limited range of motion, or a locked position.
Flex Motion
Allow Motion that mimics normal ligament mobility
Durable Non-Slip Tread (if applicable)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Just want to send a few photo's of Bimba with her beautiful and stylish new brace on!

We love it! We are taking her on short walks at the moment to help her get used to the brace and she's having no difficulty at all! There was slight knuckling at the beginning but after a couple of steps she corrected that herself!

We are so proud of her and it's such a great fit for her that she just walks normally in
Thanks for all your help!

Susan and Bimba