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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Balto® Jump Double - Support Both Knees with a Cruciate Ligament Dog Knee Brace

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The Double Balto Cruciate Knee brace for dogs is excellent for supporting dogs with a double cruciate ligament injury (ACL), luxation of the patella, knee joint conditions such as arthritis, arthrosis and angular limb deformities. The double cruciate brace can be used both as an alternative to surgery and post-surgery. Each brace has two pockets that contain removable angled splints that restrict the movement of the knee when necessary. If you are looking for a single knee brace, we recommend you look at our single Balto Jump Knee Brace.

  • Excellent for double ACL injuries and knee joint conditions
  • Good for arthritis and arthrosis
  • Wear one side or both knee braces to make double
  • Alternative to surgery or post-operative brace

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Review: "I started with just the left side, but was advised that often the other cruciate can suffer damage as a result of the extra stress. I now use both knees, one without the splints and so far so good. This brace stays in position and fits Max well." [Margaret]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure the Double Balto® Jump

Double Balto® Jump Sizes

Double Balto® Jump Sizes

Measurement A: Circumference of upper thigh

Measurement B: Circumference above the hock

Measurement C: Distance between A and B over the knee

Balto® Jump Plus - Double Cruciate Dog Knee Brace

This knee brace can be used as an alternative to surgery, as well as for post-surgery rehabilitation. This brace can be left on all day but should be removed while your dog is resting and sleeping. Each brace contains two removable angled splints that further restrict the movement of the knee, so you can choose the level of support your dog needs.

Cruciate ligament tears
Luxation of the patella
Knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis
Varus and valgus
Alternative to surgery in combination with physiotherapy
Post-surgery rehabilitation (recommended to be used for 2 months with splints after surgery, can be applied 2 days after cage rest recovery)

The brace can be used in pre- and post-surgery
Breathable fabric
Excellent wearability
Hand washable
Adjustable straps
Two angled lateral splints in aluminum inserted into special pockets restrict movement
Stability to aid recovery
The brace can also be used without splints for conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis. This is because the compression it provides increases the blood pressure in the area, raising the temperature and reducing the pain caused by the conditions
The brace has two pockets, which contain two angled splints that restrict the movement of the knee when necessary

Recommendations for use:
During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it
Be careful of the band when applying the brace to a male dog. When wrapping the band around the pelvis, pass the band in front of foreskin in order to avoid compressing the urethra

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jolita Juknonyte
Wanna cry ….

I use instructions on a book I got with all it. Tried all ways to put it on but always it keeps sliding off his leg. Made very good n looks very protective but it not sits on a place, one step n it slips.Spend so much money and I cud not put it on to keep his knee steady n safe . Just wanna cry…
Cud I get money back?

Darren Williams
Balto jump plus brace

Looks nothing like the pictures no hand grip on the top to help him up or to support him just looks like to single one's very disappointed

Tracey Shepherd
Not so easy...

Product is well made but there is a lack of instructions for how to ensure a good fit. Measured as directed to obtain the correct size. But fixing for velcro rubs the underside of my dog causing soreness. The stability strap that attaches to the dogs collar causes the collar to choke the dog. Also the brace does not sit and stay over the knee meaning that there is no support for the cruciate ligament. An expensive item that does not address the needs correctly.

Kat Rogers
Good product

The brace offers my dog stability on short strolls at the moment but I’ve personally found it very difficult to put on correctly.

Kerry Sturgess
Excellent product

This is a very well thought product, unfortunately for my dog her leg and knee just didnt fit so well , if it did it would of been great i exchange with no problem for the walkabout brace . My dog is getting on better with this as it stretches