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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Balto® Jump - Cruciate Ligament Knee Dog Brace

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Don't let a ligament injury slow your dog down! The Balto Jump Cruciate Ligament Knee Dog Brace gives your dog the extra bounce they need to take on the world with confidence. The Balto Jump is our most popular knee brace for treating cruciate ligament injuries. This vet-approved knee brace can be used as an alternative to surgery, many UK vets use it because it provides critical support and strength to dogs' knees. With increased support, your dog can stay healthy and enjoy long walks and more activity. If your dog has injured both cruciate knees, check out the Double Cruciate Knee Brace

*** Collar is not included

  • Designed for cruciate ligament injury (ACL), joint conditions, arthritis etc.
  • Good support increases blood pressure and reduces pain
  • Excellent alternative to surgery or support post-surgery
  • Contains rigid removable splints (remove for arthritis)
  • An abdominal band ensures the brace is secured

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Review: "Really great fitting. I have tried other knee braces but the sizing just didn't work. This has a good range of sizes and fits really snugly - Walking better already." [Mark S]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure the Balto® Jump - Cruciate Knee Dog Brace

Balto® Jump Sizes

Balto® Jump Sizes

Measure A: Measure the circumference of the thigh halfway between the dog’s groin and knee.

Measure B: Measure the circumference of the dog’s paw halfway between the knee and the hock.

Measure C: Measure the distance between measure A and measure B.

Balto® Jump - Cruciate Knee Dog Brace

Customer Question:

Can an rear amputee dog wear this brace?

Zoomadog Answer:

No. The Balto Jump doesn’t work because it will lock the knee and the dog will not be able to stand up anymore.

Customer Question:

Our 12year dog has an ACL injury but we don't want the ACL surgery as she is too old. I would like to give her injury as much support as possible as an alternative. What would you suggest?

Zoomadog Answer:

We would recommend you take a look at the Balto Jump Cruciate Knee Brace, this is our most popular cruciate knee brace used by vets across Europe and has been around for many decades with very good results as an alternative to surgery which can often be expensive or not an option if you have an older dog.

This Balto Jump has splints inside the knee brace which keeps your dog's leg straight and supported, this gives your dog the maximum level support to the ACL tear or injury.

If your dog needs both knees supported, take a look at the Double Balto Jump Plus, the main strap here goes over and across your dog's rump to keep the braces in place.

Our main piece of advice is to make sure you purchase a knee brace with enough support, don't opt for a weaker / thinner knee if your dog requires strong support.


Customer Question:

Can my dog get up and down from his bed while wearing this Balto Jump brace?

Zoomadog Answer:

Yes, your dog can do any activity wearing this knee brace as normal. You might want to take the brace off when they are resting in their bed and over night to give them a break.


This knee brace can be used as an alternative to surgery, as well as for post-surgery rehabilitation. This brace can be left on all day but should be removed while your dog is resting and sleeping. Each brace contains two removable angled splints that further restrict the movement of the knee, so you can choose the level of support your dog needs.

Cruciate ligament tears
Luxation of the patella
Knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis
Varus and valgus
Alternative to surgery in combination with physiotherapy
Post-surgery rehabilitation (recommended to be used for 2 months with splints after surgery, can be applied 2 days after cage rest recovery)

The brace can be used in pre- and post-surgery
Breathable fabric
Excellent wearability
Hand washable
Adjustable straps
Two angled lateral splints in aluminium inserted into special pockets restrict movement
Stability to aid recovery
The brace can also be used without splints for conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis. This is because the compression it provides increases the blood pressure in the area, raising the temperature and reducing the pain caused by the conditions
The brace has two pockets, which contain two angled splints that restrict the movement of the knee when necessary

Recommendations for use:
During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it
Be careful of the band when applying the brace to a male dog. When wrapping the band around the pelvis, pass the band in front of foreskin in order to avoid compressing the urethra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Sarah Hinde
Balto Jump

Initially it wasn’t easy to fit but after watching a video this helped. I hope my dog gets used to it.

Linda Turner
No good for short legged dogs

Quality great but too long to sit right on our dog who has short legs. Wish they would make them for short legged dogs. Covered in his hairs from trying it on so unable to return. Expensive error on our part I guess.

Fern Crane
Dog brace

It’s made a real difference to my dogs knee hoping it will not need surgery after where brace for about 8wks


Brilliant… has given our sixteen year old dog his mobility back after tearing his cruciate ligament and being too old to operate…


Only came yesterday!