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Rear Leg Dog Supports, Wraps & Splints

Find our full range of Rear Leg Dog Supports, Wraps and Splints below. If you are looking for a rear support with removable splints so you can use both with and without depending on how your dog is feeling, take a look at the Balto Hock Splint. The Bootie Splint is great for paw knuckling or an ankle broken joint by providing support underneath the foot. The Full Splint holds the entire dog leg straight against a splint. For more light and moderate we recommend you look at the Kruuse or Orthodog Hock Holders, these are relatively light with Velcro straps making them easy to adjust and put on your dog. The Therapaw Tarso wraps are very high quality dog supports, both give full support down your dog's back leg.
Strained tendon

Strained tendon

"My energetic dog twisted her hock whilst playing. I wanted a support to take some of the strain off the tendons. The hock protector is really easy to put on, there is definite improvement when she wears it and has not rubbed at all!"

Serious ligament injury

Serious ligament injury

"Not wishing to sound overly dramatic but this firm brace was a life-changer for us. Mia suffered a plantar ligament disruption injury in January and was unable to use the bespoke prosthetic fitted by the vet specialist as it caused pressure sores and didn’t offer appropriate support.

This brace has allowed us to build up her exercise and muscle tone that, in turn, has helped with fitness in preparation for her surgery.

Most importantly, her wellbeing has improved exponentially by getting out and about. She’s a previously active border collie so needed the mental stimulation. This has worked out perfectly for us. It is easy to fit and provides excellent support."

Broken Metatarsal

Broken Metatarsal

"For my dog with a broken metatarsal. Absolutely great, she is so comfy in it, and it allows her to go on short walks, instead of being house bound for 6 weeks."

Auto immune disease

Auto immune disease

"This is a away for our dog to have some mobillity

Our dog sufferers from an auto immune disease. Her surgery did not take and they had to remove the arthrodesis. She had no way of standing on her own. Our dog's surgeon suggested this product it was an answer to our prayers the surgeon help fit it and because our dog is smaller we had to make adjustments with a prosthetic professional. This product has helped our dog walk again we are grateful."

How to choose the right Rear Leg Brace

  • Accurate Sizing:
    Measure your dog's leg as per the manufacturer's guidelines.
    Ensure the brace fits snugly but doesn't restrict circulation.

  • Specific Condition:
    Choose a brace designed for your dog's specific condition (e.g., arthritis, tendon injury, post-surgery support).

  • Material Quality:
    Look for durable, breathable, and skin-friendly materials.
    Water-resistant materials are preferable for active dogs or outdoor use.

  • Comfort and Mobility:
    The brace should allow for natural movement as much as possible.
    Padding inside the brace can provide extra comfort.

  • Adjustability:
    Adjustable straps or Velcro closures help in achieving a perfect fit.
    It should be easy to put on and take off.

  • Support Level:
    Some braces offer more rigid support, while others are more flexible.
    The level of support should match the severity of your dog's condition.

  • Ventilation:
    Good ventilation is crucial to prevent overheating and discomfort.

It is advised not to leave your dog alone with the product on, in case they remove by biting or scratching.

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