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Walkin’ Dog Hock Splint (firm)

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The Walkin' Dog Hock Splint supports injuries to your dog's hock joint, the Hock Splint stabilise the lower rear limb while keeping the paw free. This type of Hock Splint is ideal for hock injuries, Achilles tendon problems, fractures, post-operative recovery or similar injuries. This Hock Splint is a solid half shell and fits over your dog's rear leg and totally immobilises the hock joint and area. If your dog does not require a solid splint or has any swelling or abnormalities in shape, please look at the Balto Hock Brace which has removable splints.

  • Hock Splint is positioned at the back of your dog’s leg
  • Excellent support for injuries to the dog's hock joint
  • Stabilises the lower rear limb while keeping the paw free
  • Recommend to remove when your dog is resting
  • Breathable and adjustable

If you add foam, please go up a size in splint.

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Review: "My dog had a bad tendon injury and my vet told me about this product. It really helped him as it totally stabilised the hook while it had time to heal... you can use a hock support afterwards just to help with walking." [Michael, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Walkin’ Dog Hock Splint (Full Support)

Measure the Walkin’ Dog Hock Splint

Measure the Walkin’ Dog Hock Splint

Measure from the top of your dog's paw to the midpoint between hock and knee

X Small - 15cm
Small - 16.5cm
Medium - 18cm
Large - 23cm
X Large - 28.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ruthie Nixon
Excellent good support

We’re really pleased with the support. It stops her bending the hock and there has been no sign of rubbing. She can usd her leg pretty well.
She did attempt to chew it however, we sprayed it with bitter apple which worked well.

Lee Carey
Walking again! (purchased x small)

This helped my little guy recover from a bad sprain. I came home and he was walking on his 2 front legs, because he already had a bad right knee. Went to the vet and he recommended getting a brace and this did the job perfectly!

This is a away for our dog to have some mobillity

Our dog sufferers from an auto immune disease. Her surgery did not take and they had to remove the arthrodesis. She had no way of standing on her own. Our dog's surgeon suggested this product it was an answer to our prayers the surgeon help fit it and because our dog is smaller we had to make adjustments with a prosthetic professional. This product has helped our dog walk again we are grateful.

Ordered X Large size

This was ordered for a Great Pyrenees who had suffered a severely broken leg. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and implants. One area in particular kept failing, so we tried the Walkin' Splint. It did prove to be a great help with the long healing process and keeping the implants stable longer for healing.

We did have to tweak the fit a few times as the leg healed. We applied heat with a heat gun and gently expanded the areas that were causing some pressure points. We also had to add some very thin absorbent cushioning to the interior to prevent any chafing and to help keep the area dry. We used a removable adhesive pad that we could change daily with his bandaging.

Happy to say he is doing great a year later with all four legs in motion!

Quality product

After two surgeries my dog hurt the same leg...cruciate ligament! This splint works like a dream! My dog is weight bearing and confident again. I can't rate it highly enough. What a find, am so grateful to this company for making such a durable and brilliant product which works. My Alaskan Malamute is very grateful too.