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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Walkin' Full Adjustable Dog Splint - Front or Back Leg (firm)

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£180.00 - £220.00
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This Full Leg Dog Splint is a far superior splint to the regular rigid splint as you can adjust exactly to fit your dogs leg, including to accommodate for swelling or bandages. The full leg splint is excellent if your dogs needs a totally adjustable splint for either a front or back leg, adjustable in terms of both width and angle. You can then simply reduce the size when bandages are taken off. This splint can be used for front or back leg, just change the angle to fit either. This adjustable splint provides complete support to the lower leg, allowing support to arthritic joints or injuries, promoting healing and recovery.

  • Excellent and superior splint providing complete lower leg stability
  • Helps with paw, wrist, carpal, hock, Achilles, front and rear leg issues
  • Very light weight
  • Easy to wear, simply place the paw in the splint with your dogs nails at the edge, then fasten the Velcro straps
  • Interior foam, providing padding and comfort
  • Ideal for paw knuckling, severe arthritis, injuries or tendons
  • Rubber none-slip base for traction

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Review: "Loki tore a ligament in his hock joint & was fitted with the Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint. This splint allows him to go on walks once again which is fantastic!" [Jules] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very lightweight but didn’t fit my border terrier (xs) still too big and she couldn’t walk with it so we haven’t used it unfortunately. Expensive mistake but hope it works for others!

Andy Oates
Brilliant piece of kit

This has given us extra time with our beloved 14 year Border Collie. A failed hock joint fusion would have meant her being put to sleep, but this splint does exactly what it needs to. She is coping very well with it and it's worth it weight in gold. The company too are such fantastic help and support. Massive thanks to Joss and Emily

Janet C
A life-changer for my dog

Not wishing to sound overly dramatic but this firm brace was a life-changer for us. Mia suffered a plantar ligament disruption injury in January and was unable to use the bespoke prosthetic fitted by the vet specialist as it caused pressure sores and didn’t offer appropriate support.
This brace has allowed us to build up her exercise and muscle tone that, in turn, has helped with fitness in preparation for her surgery.
Most importantly, her wellbeing has improved exponentially by getting out and about. She’s a previously active border collie so needed the mental stimulation,
This has worked out perfectly for us. It is easy to fit and provides excellent support.
Advice I’d offer: watch that the screws don’t come loose at the back and check for rubbing on your dog after every walk.


Used following a plantar ligament disruption of the rear, right hock. I bought this on the recommendation of the physio and it has been a great support, allowing her to take short walks and maintain muscle gobs. We may well opt for surgery in the near future but this has allowed us to manage her injury conservatively whilst considering our options.

Joanne Willis

Unfortunately this splint was unsuitable for my dog, but I have ordered a different style of splint ‘Balto Hock Brace’