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Balto® Ligatek - Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace

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The Balto Ligatek Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace is excellent at stabilising your dog's knee including ACL injuries and issues. We recommend this knee brace if you are looking for a highly customisable knee brace without the custom price tag, this Ligatek is a good alternative to surgery as it offers full knee support. With adjustable hinges, you can control the brace range and lock the knee brace joint into full immobilisation/extension. The width and length can be adjusted with trimmable straps, and the upper and lower padding can be extended or shortened to ensure an excellent fit around the leg.

  • Excellent for knee injuries or traumas
  • Good results with a range of breeds and sizes
  • Adjustable hinges for height with padding
  • Hand washable
  • Can be worn all day and taken off at night or when resting

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    How to Measure Balto® Ligatek - Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace

    Balto® Ligatek Sizes

    Balto® Ligatek Sizes

    Measurement A: Circumference of the dog's thigh halfway between the groin and the knee

    Measurement B: Circumference of the dog's leg halfway between the knee and the hock

    Measurement C: Distance between the knee and the base of the hock

    Balto® Ligatek - Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace


    Can I rear amputee dog where this brace on their remaining leg?


    Yes, if your dog has lost a leg they can wear the Ligatek brace on the other leg as the brace as a range of motion.

    More details:

    The Balto® Ligatek is carefully designed to stabilise your dog's post-traumatic or acquired knee joint deficiency. With its adjustable hinges, the user can control the ROM (range of motion) and lock the joint into full immobilization or controlled degrees of flexion/extension. This enables the treatment of a variety of needs in a versatile way. The brace's width and length can be adjusted thanks to our trimmable straps, and the upper and lower padding can be extended or shortened to ensure an excellent fit around the leg.

    Recommended for:
    Post-operative care in cases of cranial-caudal cruciate ligaments deficiency (TPLO, TTA surgical procedures), patellar surgical procedures (oncoplastic, tibial tuberosity transposition, fracture), extracapsular technique, and patellar tendon synthesis.
    Conservative treatment usage as an alternative to surgery for conditions such as cranial and caudal cruciate ligament injury and/or tear, traumatic or acquired collateral ligaments deficiency, joint capsule trauma, and patellar dislocation.

    Adjustable hinges and padding
    Trimmable straps
    Hand washable (always remove padded parts before washing)
    Available in 3 sizes and as left or right knee

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Vicky Morris

    My older dog tore her cruciate and due to pre existing conditions, wasn’t suitable for surgery. We couldn’t rest her totally as she had arthritis and would have got worse without regular gentle exercise. We opted for this brace and regular gentle walks with her wheels, and 3 months later she was racing round the beach, no brace, no wheels, without a care in the world - totally healed. Would 100% recommend. Bit fiddly to get the fitting right initially but once we did it was easy enough to put on and take off.

    Chris Wilton
    Very Disappointed

    Complete waste of £235. I measured my (larger) Border Terrier and went for the smallest size but despite multiple adjustments and using the anchor strap as instructed, it kept slipping down and then he chewed straight through the middle strap. This was on day one of trying it. He’s ten years old and I can’t recall him ever chewing through anything before, so I expect this would be a problem for a lot of people buying this. They wouldn’t offer me any sort of refund and suggested buying an alternative brace! Seriously, don’t waste your money.

    Keenan Casady
    Knee Brace

    Beautifully made; a quality piece of kit, but, on the advice of the orthopedic surgeon, not for my dog who is about to undergo surgery to repair a ruptured ACL in her left rear knee. I do agree with Denise’s comment (below) that it was not at all easy to fit or adjust without two other hands, and my female had a difficult time squatting to urinate.

    denise reid
    Not had a chance to use it

    Being a single person I have no way to fit and get this on my dog properly alone.
    Im gutted as it looks great on the dogs in the pic but I honestly cannot get it on. My dog is fidgety and there's 3 straps to loop through and fasten up, by the time I've don't one strap my dog moves and the Brace slips off. Personally think the fabric sleeve supports may be better for us, although not as strong I know u can get them on.

    Brilliant bit of kit

    My spaniel had a TPLO operation in January but the bone refused to knit back together so 3 months later had the two ends of the bone scraped and replated and wired together. Weekly X-rays showed that the bone was very slowly staring to knit together but by now our boy had been in a crate for nearly 6 months which is like hell for a springer. We had a holiday booked in Cornwall and we were in two minds as to either cancel the holiday or not. So in the end we decided on this brace and we are so glad that we did. The brace was measured for him but with its great engineering you can do tweeks to the brace to make it fit even better. This brace allowed our springer to have fun off the lead on the beach, to swim in the Sea and to generally have a brilliant time which he deserved after being caged for so long. He wore it all week down at the beach and hated it at first but soon got used to it. Had an X-ray when we got back and the leg was still healing so the brace did it’s job and offered the support and protection that his leg needed. Yes it’s an expensive but of kit but it is very well engineered and is made out of quality components. Only issue we had he did get some spot where it rubbed but that was to be expected with sand getting inside the brace. So a protective sock will be used next time to act as a barrier.