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Tailwindpets Cruciate Hinged Dog Knee Brace + Harness

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The Tailwindpets Hinged Knee Brace for Dogs is the perfect product that helps and supports dogs with limping and joint pain. Useful for reducing pain in cases of osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, kneecap problems, luxating patella and tendinitis. The knee brace immobilises the lateral displacement of the knee and compensates loss of joint functionality. It is useful in reducing pain in cases of arthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, kneecap problems, luxating patella and tendinitis.

  • Includes front harness and connector
  • Easy to put on
  • Relieves stress and support your dogs knee
  • Reduces lameness and increases activity
  • Easy to wash

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How to Measure the Tailwind Cruciate Knee Dog Brace

Tailwind Knee Brace Sizes

Tailwind Knee Brace Sizes

Measure with a snug TIGHT fit as the neoprene is
stretchy once around top of thigh.

If in between sizes, do down

Tailwind Dog Knee Brace

How to put on the Tailwind Knee brace:

  • Pull up the brace until it fully covers the knee area.
  • Take the fastening strap, place it under the abdomen and over the back and fasten the velcro on the outer side.
  • Make sure that there is some pressure but don't forget about the natural position of the knee.

Information on the Tailwind Knee Brace for dogs

It helps with limping and general joint pain and can make your dog's life easier.

By using the brace, swelling and pain can be reduced because of the distribution of balance between the different muscle groups. Since the muscles will untighten, your dogs knee flexibility will improve. Furthermore stability can be increased because of the pressure the brace applies.

This brace can improve your dog's mobility and speed up the muscles healing process.

Some dogs have anatomically dropped hips, which can cause the upper strap of the knee brace to slide backwards. To prevent this from happening, we developed a Connection Belt which we recommend to buy with your Knee Brace.

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