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Puppies & Dog Knuckling

Puppies & Dog Knuckling

Puppies can develop dog knuckling in their front legs, their paw pads don't fully touch the floor or their paws curl or their legs bend. Puppies can knuckle in their front legs or their back legs. 



Early Signs and Symptoms of Puppy Knuckling

Your puppy's legs might weave or be unsteady when they walk. This is usually because their paw pad is not flat on the floor. Look out for this symptom and feel free to send us a video if you would like us to double-check for you.

Treatment for Puppy Knuckling

Puppy knuckling treatment can take a few different options.

  1. As the paw grows in size, you will likely have to change knuckling boot and braces
  2. Support the wrist and paw pad - think about a Carpo Sports Wrap as well as support on the paw pad
  3. As puppies are young and not strong yet, look at products that are light

Product options are:

  • WagWear Breathable Boots
  • WagWear Wellies Boots
  • Bootie Splint
  • Maximus PawsUp Brace


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Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces

Dog knuckling braces and dog knuckling boots

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