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Our Beloved Dog is Unable To Pick Up Her Front Right Foot Correctly and Is Now Constantly Toe-Knuckling, Dragging Her Paw and Damaging Her Skin. What Should I Do?

Our Beloved Dog is Unable To Pick Up Her Front Right Foot Correctly and Is Now Constantly Toe-Knuckling, Dragging Her Paw and Damaging Her Skin. What Should I Do?

It sounds like your dog might have a medical condition called Paw Knuckling. Front paw knuckling is often in one paw and can be distressing to watch. Your dog might find it difficult to get around like normal, often wobbling or weaving when they walk or stumble if they try to jump up on a chair or sofa. Read more about what causes paw knuckling and how to help here:

Front knuckling can make the skin bleed and the nails often get shorter. It is important to make sure the paw is kept clean to reduce the chance of infection but also to get a protective boot to keep the dirt out of the wounds. Look at protective dog boots for knuckling here:

If you want to find a knuckling boot or brace that can help your dog walk better, we would suggest looking at the following:

  • Protective boots - Look at the brand WagWear here

WagWear Mojave breathable rubber dog boots are excellent for paw knuckling and paw dragging when you need to keep your dog's paw skin and nails protected. These are breathable rubber boot design with perforated holes allowing for lots of ventilation when exercising or in the warmer months. These boots have a wide paw opening allowing the boots to slide on and off, the top Velcro straps ensure a secure and firm fit. These boots are comfortable, easy to wash and light. They can be worn in the house, garden or on walks. If you are looking for a solid waterproof boot then look at their WagWear Wellies

The Carpo Flex Sports Wrap is a moderate support for the dog’s front lower leg, but importantly it will protect your dog's leg from further injury at the front or damage. This dog wrap is great for outdoor activities. Easy to wash.

Maximus PawsUp Custom Brace is the best choice if you want a long-lasting or premium solution to your dog's front paw knuckling. Importantly it will help with alignment. This is the best front paw knuckling brace on the market WORLDWIDE. The brace will protect, de-knuckle and get your dog to put their paw flat on the floor again meaning they reduce nail shortening and skin damage. This brace will correct your dog's paw position as much as possible.

Julia, a Zoomadog customer: “I have the Carpo Flex wrap, and the wag wellies, which have been very effective at protecting her from causing more damage, but they aren’t helping her alignment or stopping the toe knuckling which is slowly damaging her carpus joint.”

It is best to look at the Custom Front Paw Knuckling Brace from Knuckling (read above). This will correct your dog's alignment. Read more here: 

Read further about front paw knuckling here: 

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