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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Maximus PawsUp SuperFlex - For Rear Paws - A Pair (two boots) in Blue for Paw Knuckling

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Maximus PawsUp are the best dog boots on the market to stop paw knuckling. Paw knuckling is when the paw curls and your dog does not walk on the pad. PawsUp work in a completely different way to regular boots, they work by correcting how your dog walks meaning they will put their paws flat on the floor again. PawsUp assists dogs of all levels of knuckling - light, moderate and aggressive paw knuckling. This includes a limp, unsteady gait or wobbly walk. The cuff attaches above the hock joint, stabilsing the paw, increasing flexion and encouraging proper paw alignment while the boot protects the skin and nails. If your dog has a progressive neurological condition such as degenerative myelopathy or degenerative disk disease, check out Maximus Skates as you may temporarily the wheel and convert to PawsUp until anti-dragging wheels are needed.

  • Excellent for light paw knuckling, wobbly walk or unsteady gait
  • Can be worn for an extended period of time
  • Often used with a dog wheelchair
  • Soft and well padded with a Velcro strap
  • Machine washable

PawUp do not over exhaust muscles or over stimulate in any way. As a result, your pup can wear for an extended period of time. Many of our customers wear all day long (indoors and outdoors) because the device is a necessity. And some reserve PawsUp only for outdoor walks because they find the boots too rugged to lounge around home. You should follow the same rules as regular boots – remove during inactive times to allow paw pads to breathe and remove when wet to avoid yeast growth in paw pads.

FYI - Next Day Delivery is not available. Maximus check all orders before we ship, so you get the right size for your dog. At the moment, there can be a delay of 2 to 3 weeks as these are hand customised.

Review: "Bruno is a 10 y/o boxer with disk disease and a Walkin Wheels wheelchair. He wears PawsUp to lift and stabilise his knuckling paws !" [Gunnar's Wheels Foundation] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Maximus PawsUp

Maximus PawsUp

Maximus PawsUp

Place paw on the top of a ruler, bearing weight if possible. Push down any fur then measure the widest part of the paw.

Size up only if paw measures in between sizes.

Paw Size

Paw Size

Please push down any fur to remeasure and provide two photos of paw on measurer from BOTH left and right sides to help us obtain EXACT measurement.

Full Body Photo

Full Body Photo

Can you please provide a few full body photos to help us determine best boot and cuff size? See sample photos below. We appreciate the extra effort as accurate fitting is especially important for senior dogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tara Power
Love love love

My 12 year old boxer started losing strength in her back legs over the last 12 months and although red light therapy and hydrotherapy have helped, we needed a solution for preventing knuckling on walks as her nails would sometimes get so worn down they would bleed.
Zoomadog were so helpful in ensuring we ordered the right size and the service and shipping were faultless.
The boots can be fiddly to get on her feet but once they're on, they're secure and don't bother her. They're a real game changer for outdoor adventures :) super highly recommended!

Mary F.
Great help for our dog

These boots certainly stop our 14 year old 34 kg Gordon Setter knucking with his rear feet. They also make him more stable when walking and he is more able to back out of bushes or hedges he is sniffing and to turn suddenly than he is without them. They also protect his feet so we can walk him on hard surfaces rather than trying ti stick to grass. I am delighted we found them and the service was excellent.

Kaylie Black


Phyllis Kennedy

He still not keen to walk on pavement but I put him in the car and take him to the park he has a great time, even in the house he walks so much easier, pity the vet never recommended this, my own research found this and worth every penny, a wee bit information on how long he can keep it on would be good

Walking is more comfortable with Maximus boots!

My German Shepherd has shown signs of knuckling in recent months and recently scraped the skin off a rear paw, making it bleed. Since investing in his Maximus boots he is picking up his feet and has stopped knuckling. His rear legs are also walking in straight lines, instead of crossing towards the centre of his body. So, although getting the Maximus boots on was a challenge at first, thankfully my dog is very calm and patient, he looks forward to going out for his walks and playing ball in the park.
I recommend these Maximum boots and the impressive customer service at Zoomadog.