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Quad Front Harness for Walkin’ Wheelchair (for small and medium wheelchairs only)

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The Walkin’ Front Neoprene Harness is only for Walkin' Wheel Quad Wheelchair. The Walkin' Front Neoprene is good for lifting support for the front end of your dog. The harness comes in two sizes small and medium, for use instead of the front Leg Rings. Provides extra support and comfort for your dog instead of Leg Rings and provides the owner with lifting support for the dog’s front end when not in a wheelchair. Your dog steps into the harness, which is pulled up and buckled over the dog's back. 

  • Only for Small and Medium Quad Wheelchair sizes
  • Ideal for dogs under 20kgs
  • Adjustable handles included for use when your dog is not in a wheelchair
  • Durable neoprene material
  • Machine washable, hang dry

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How to Measure the Quad Front Harness for Walkin’ Wheelchair

Quad Front Harness Sizes

Quad Front Harness Sizes

To measure, follow the red line (around shoulder blade)

X Small: 25.4 – 30.5 cm

Small: 30.5 – 35.6 cm

Medium: 31.8 – 36.8 cm

Large: 35.6 – 40.6 cm