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Hunnyboots Greyhound Socks - Lucky dip with colours!

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
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These Hunnyboot Greyhound Socks are custom designed uniquely for your greyhounds or whippet. These greyhound socks are good for bunching your dog's toes together, making it easier to put the Hunnyboots on. These socks also stop your Hunnyboots from smelling after use, you can put the socks straight into the washing machine and use them again. These socks are to be worn inside boots and not worn along - they will be slippery on hard floors. If you’re looking for non-slip socks please see Hunnyboot Indoor Slippers.

  • Excellent for keeping the toenails together when you put on a Hunnyboot
  • Socks designed specifically for greyhounds and whippets
  • Made from 86% cotton with 12% spandex and 2% polyester
  • Great for protection and worn inside boots to keep paws secure
  • Three sock lengths - Ankle, Crew, Knee
  • Pack of 2 socks

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Questions & Answers

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  • Will Hunnyboots fit a Greyhound paw (Large) with 2 missing toes?

    Yes! Just pad out where the toes would have been with cotton wool and keep them in place with Hunnyboots socks.

    If it's outside toes that are missing, you can use very soft silicone make up sponge . Take reference photos of the good standing foot (top and side). Then trim the sponge with small sharp scissors to fashion and fill the missing toes gap. The sponge will end up looking like two conjoined fake toes - or a small hunchbacked mouse. Pop on one sock, making toe space, then the sponge, then a second sock over the top to hold it all in place. Carefully insert the foot into the boot using your fingers to guide the toes (including fake toes).

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Disappointed with the socks as they are too wide and slip down and they are very overpriced for what they are.

Roy Williams
Hunnyboots Greyhound socks

These are excellent. Prevent chafing of thin skin. Look good, too.

Yvonne Clark
Socks feedback

Lovely (red) socks, very suitable as liners for boots, but overpriced. Two pairs for this price would be more appropriate, or offer a reduced price if bought in a bundle purchase with boots maybe?


Sock fit perfect but felt they are a bit over priced for only 1 pair

Ivan Dawson

Changed my greyhounds walking immediately, didn't think she would except them, but I wrong, wish we would have tried before as she was in pain walking