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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Hunnyboots - Set of Two Greyhound Boots V4 (a pair)

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Only 1 left!
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Introducing Hunnyboots - the best greyhound and whippets boots on the market worldwide! For front or rear paws, these are the latest V4 version. Hunnyboots are especially designed for the slim greyhounds and whippet paws, they are excellent for dogs who need help recovering from corns or extra protection from broken toes, injuries, sensitive paws etc. These greyhound Hunnyboots are fantastic for everyday protection and grip. With a full length YKK zip and Velcro strap designed to sit below the dewclaw and hold the boot firmly in place. These Hunnyboots have great grip on all surfaces from wet parks to pavements or simply going for a rural walk. This style of Hunnyboots are not waterproof but they do dry out quickly, just like your own trainers. If you are looking for warm fleece lined Hunnyboots boots, find Hunnyboots Splish Splash Boots here.

  • Excellent for corns, broken toes, grass allergies, accidents etc
  • Hunnyboots are especially for narrow paw shape
  • Very comfortable boot padding for their sensitive thin skin
  • Easy to put on with YKK zip
  • Set of two boots
  • Please wear boots in pairs, even if only one is needed

🚚 £3.50 Delivery or £15 Next Day Delivery 🌎 Worldwide shipping

Review: "The Version 4 Hunnyboots are top notch!! They truly are the perfect custom boots. My greyhound doesn't limp at all from her corn when she wears her boot, and the fit is so comfortable she actually likes wearing it - unlike other boots we have tried lol." [David, UK] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Add a Toe Cap (sold individually) - Designed specifically for greyhounds with Flexor Tenotomy procedure / flat paw.

Common Questions & Answers about Hunnyboots

How do I measure my greyhound’s feet?
Get your dog to stand on a piece of paper and measure from the longest nail to the back of the metatarsal pad (the furthest pad back). Look at the measurement chart to find your size.

I don’t know what size my greyhound is?
If you're unsure after measuring, don't guess - email us and ask, we're here to help every greyhound to get the best fitting boots possible.

Why should I add socks?
Socks are great if your dog has a little too much room in their boot. It can help with sweat, the socks will smell rather than the Hunnyboots. You can simply wash the socks rather than the boots. There are three different heights of socks: knee, crew and ankle.

Do I need different sizes for front and back paws?
Yes, you need to measure both front and back as many dogs have two different sizes on front and back.

My greyhound has lost a toe. Is this a problem with Hunnyboots?
No, we recommend you measure as if the toe was there. Add a little bit of cotton wool inside the Hunnyboot where the toe is missing to make the boot a comfortable fit for your dog.

Does my dog wear two boots if it only has one poor paw?
Yes, we recommend your dog wears a set of boots, when your dog wears one boot it will make the dog higher so it’s important to wear two.

What is a toe cap used for?
Toe caps are designed to fit all sizes of Hunnyboots, the toe cap is made specifically for greyhounds who have had the Flexor Tenotomy procedure. Fondly called 'flat footers', these greyhound toes are flat post-surgery, even elevated, creating spear-like toenails capable of prematurely wearing out or even piercing most fabrics. They are also susceptible to snagging these wayward toes during play and general zooming activity.

How to Measure Hunnyboots V3 - Set of Two Greyhound Boots (black)

Hunnyboots V3 Sizes

Hunnyboots V3 Sizes

The measurement V3 table is below:

Up to 69mm - SMALL
70 to 79mm - MEDIUM
80 to 89mm - LARGE
90mm+ - X LARGE

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Laura C
Sadly went unused but good product and service

Unfortunately as things turned out that we didn’t use the boots . Having said that the boots are really well made (which explains the price) and arrived quickly. I’d recommend both the product and the website.

Mary Scott
Well made but too pricey.

Would have given 5 stars if they weren’t so expensive.

Rachael Walch

Hunnyboots - Set of Two Greyhound Boots V4 (a pair)

So far OK

Only received yesterday. Used once, maybe a little too big. Measured as stated, ordered XL. Will try again.

Anna Totterdill

Hunnyboots - Set of Two Greyhound Boots V4 (a pair)