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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Therapaw Protective Dog Boot (Single Boot) - Extra Thick Sole

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped

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Therapaw boots are out of stock in some sizes until July 2024. Sizes T/C and T/D. If you would like to pre-order and reserve, go ahead and purchase. Alternatively, we recommend switching to Walker Active boots here

The Therapaw Protective Dog Boot is our most popular boot providing extra protection on the sole helping dogs who have painful paw issues. This Therapaw Protective Dog Boot has an ultra-cushioned interior pad that alleviates pain, reduces lameness and promotes more even weight distribution. The perforated top sole and eye-hole design allow the paw to breathe, reducing moisture build-up at the injured site. If you own a greyhound or whippet, please look at our Hunnyboots especially designed for sighthounds.

  • Extra thick sole for protection and comfort
  • Ideal for a dog with painful paws (arthritis, corns, injury, allergies etc.)
  • Medical grade boot with a non-skid rubber sole
  • Velcro strap to fit securely
  • Sold individually

🚚 £3.50 Delivery or £15 Next Day Delivery 🌎 Worldwide shipping

Review: "My elderly dog’s paw pads are soft and one of them had actually split, I recommend this product as it fits securely, everything else I tried did not stay on. Delivery service was excellent. Although it seems expensive, compared with vet fees this boot is well worth the money." [Margaret, Scotland]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Therapaw Protective Dog Boot (Single Boot) - Extra Thick Sole

Therapaw Protective Boot Sizes

Therapaw Protective Boot Sizes

How to Measure:

T/B (small) - Width 5cm, Length 6.5cm

T/C (small/medium) - Width 6cm, Length 7cm

T/D (medium) - Width 6.5m, Length 7.5cm

T/E (medium) - Width 7cm, Length 9cm

T/F (medium/large) - Width 7.5cm, Length 9.5cm

T/G (large) - Width 9cm, Length 11cm

Therapaw Protective Dog Boot (Single Boot) - Extra Thick Sole

As a breathable, protective alternative to bandages or as a bandage cover
For calluses, corns, and warts, dragging toes, torn ligaments, and arthritic or broken toes
For cuts, scrapes, pad burns, puncture wounds or other soft tissue injuries
To provide traction for unstable dogs, or for those dogs walking on slick surfaces
To protect paws against environmental hazards such as rocks, ice, salt, hot pavement and sand
To protect owners and pool surfaces from scratches and scrapes when swimming


The seamless interior provides a comfortable non-irritating fit.
The perforated top sole and cuff are flexible, which allows proper ventilation and full range of motion.
The front opening lapels make it easy to slip Thera-Paw into place.
The dual closing components provide additional security to ensure that Thera-Paw stays on even the most active dogs.
Designed to stay in place and be worn all day
Easily cleaned by rinsing with warm

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Graham Swift
Good Produst But

We bought a boot for our Cocker Spaniel who has a corn/horn on his right paw.
The boot is extremely well made but extremely stiff so unfortunately after trying it on him on a carpeted surface we had to return the boot for a refund.

Kate Jensen

Unfortunately we are very disappointed . The paw does not stay on our labradors feet at all despite trying all
Ways to fix it tightly . A lot of money and it doesn’t work .

Harriet Morris
Didn't help

I'm not sure it fitted correctly, it seemed to make my dog more uncomfortable rather than less. We tried for a full hour but he limped much more with it on. Sad to waste so much money, we won't be wearing it again. 😥

Heather Eubank
Too small

Unfortunately the dog boot is to small even though I measured my dogs foot as per instructions. I have had to pay postage to return and would have to pay more postage if I want replacement boot. What if that’s not the right size?

Bea Mills
Too easy to remove

This boot is too easy to remove - one chew will remove it so it has not been much use so far