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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Walkin’ Traction Dog Socks (Indoor & Outdoor Use)

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Our Walkin’ Traction Dog Socks are excellent to stop your dog from slipping around. These Traction Socks have a strong non-slip waterproof silicone base and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they keep your dog from slipping or splaying out on slippery or smooth flooring. The upper part of the Traction Dog Sock is warm and cozy with a detachable strap to keep the socks in place. Great for senior and tri-pawed dogs who need more traction on slick surfaces – and protect your hardwood floors at the same time!

  • Excellent to stop your dog from slipping and sliding around
  • Keeps dog paws warm, clean and dry
  • Top strap keeps dog socks secure and in place, hard to pull off
  • Best for light outdoor walks, rather than longer
  • Pack of 4 dog socks

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Review: "Tried lots of other socks, but wanted something soft that Benji could also wear to nip outside without removing. These are very good, fit great and stay on. Best socks we have tried." [Mike, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Walkin’ Traction Dog Socks (Indoor & Outdoor Use)

Walkin’ Traction Sock Sizes

Walkin’ Traction Sock Sizes

Look at measurement (A) for the right size sock

This is paw width

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Amanda Kirby
Far too small

Have had to order again 2 sizes larger and hope they will fit

Mrs Emma Page
Product looks good but impossible to get on my dog

This product appears good but it's impossible to get on my dog. Have been trying for 3 days and fighting with him. If we do get one on it immediately slips down so he has a floppy bit of sock that he stumbles over. Have only managed to get both on back legs once with the help of husband and son and it was a traumatic experience for all concerned. So far a total waste of money

Mareet Cairns
Walking traction socks

Bought these before and they were great my dog drags his back paws after a slipped disc and the quality is terrible this time. No where near as thick and he will wear through them in no time

Dog walking socks

They look small but actually fit. Bit expensive for what they are and the postage is excessive as there is no weight to the package

terry Mcdonough

They need to have a few rubber rings on the inside of the sock to stop them sling off, the rubber dipped paw end of the sock is too large giving a baggy affect when walking, but they are helping our dog “mini” and stopping her paws from bleeding.