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Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks (Advanced)

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Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks prevent dogs from slipping on floors, giving improved traction to senior dogs and helping the mobility of dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other mobility issues. These socks have reinforced stitching in the front to prevent nails coming through, and unlike so many other cheaper versions these actually stay on. We recommend these socks for indoor use and light outdoor use. For outdoor play and walks we recommend Walker Active Boots as they are more robust.

  • Advance grips on sole, excellent on slippery floors, wood or polished
  • Best for indoor use. Great for older dogs who need extra grip
  • Increases mobility for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis etc
  • Elastic top and middle so your dog can’t pull off!
  • Pack of 4 socks

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Review: "These are fab little socks. They stay on and are the only socks that my dog doesn't seem to remove in under a second! I have two sets now in pink and blue and can recommend to anyone needing protection from slippery floors" [Mary, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks (Advanced)

Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks Sizes

Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks Sizes

Paw length and width (both)

XX Small 2.75-3.5cm
X Small 3.5-4cm
Small 4-5cm
Medium 5-5.5cm
Large 5.5-6.5cm
X Large 6.5-7.5cm
XX Large 7.5-8.5cm
XXX Large 8.5-9.5cm

Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks (Advanced)

Traction for leg weakness - a symptom of hip dysplasia or arthritis
Mobility for dogs who struggle with hardwood or polished floors
Protection for injured feet, alternative to the cone
Protects hardwood floors, furniture or cars from nail scratches
Keeps paws clean after grooming
Protection from hot pavements and allergens

Comfortable to wear, light and breathable material
Made to fit and stay on dog feet - elasticated top and middle
Non-slip grip material on the bottom of each sock
Machine washable
Available in 2 types - Regular and Greyhound. Greyhound edition is made for any hare-footed shape dog (where the paw is longer than it is wide e.g Whippets, Poodles but can be any breed of dog)
Stays on all day, even when running or playing

Directions for use:
A good fit is a snug fit. If your socks slip off, swivel around or is too large for the foot, you need a smaller size
If your sock will not stretch to your dog's foot, a bigger size is needed
In the rare case of where the sock is a perfect fit for the foot but it slips down, you can shrink the socks in a warm wash followed by cold drying
If you dog needs a longer sock, the Greyhound edition of PowerPaws may be more suitable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Complete waste of money, don’t stay up bought the sizing as recommended on the website, will be going in the bin. So disappointing, as I did have high hopes that they would work. 

Janet Clark

Expensive for what is basically kids socks with a bit of grip which has helped my dog. They don't stay on very well either

Chay Pearce
Not great

Socks don’t stay on and for active dogs can turn on the foot so it is more slippery when the small grip area isn’t facing the floor. Maybe okay for dogs that aren’t active, but they don’t stay on for more than 2 min on my dog. Fit is correct, as the socks are tight on the feet (and not easy to get on). When I complained to the company I was told no refund was possible and the only option was to spend more money with them to buy an alternative product - not great customer service.


Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks (Advanced)

Charlotte O'Hara
Helped so much!

our wee old man Hamish had a dislocated hip and struggled to keep his leg underneath him. the grips on the socks made a world of difference and he’s walking like normal again! a lifesaver while we wait for treatment- thank you!!